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Bassic Sax

20.01.2021, 12:07

Bassic Sax Pix

Adolphe (Antoine-Joseph) Sax (8)
The father of both the saxophone, and Adolphe Edouard.
Adolphe Sax (From National Music Museum), Alto 2386X
Adolphe Edouard Sax (55)
Adolphe's Son
Alto 15133, Alto 16849, C Pitched Tenor 150XXX, Soprano 1340
Alfonso Rampone (22)
According to Langwill he was a distant cousin of Egidio Rampone (of R&C). He built saxes and clarinets and "flourished Quarna 1932 - post 1950". Apparently in the 30s he had a workforce of approx. 20 people.
Amati (424)
Classic Deluxe, Classic Super, Corton, J.Keilwerth, King Lemaire, Lignatone & Lignatone Classic, Signatone Classic, Stencils, Straight Baritone
Arta Guban (93)
The Romanian company Arta Guban of Timisoara, made some very beautiful saxophones. From the research I have done however, the reviews of them is rather mixed. More people spoke badly of the altos than the tenors, but either way, they were often described as "dreadful" in the way they played.
Alto Serial # ?, Luxar Solo, Tenor Serial # ?, Tenor Serial # ?
Asian Bass Sax Manufacturers (94)
With so many different brands of new, Asian-made bass saxophones currently on the market, some people might be surprised to find out that there are only 2 companies that make all these horns.
Jinbao, Jinyin
Asian Stencil Horns (92)
These horns all have something in common: they come from either China or Taiwan, and from unknown manufacturers. Unlike the vintage saxophones made by the American companies of yesteryear, or European companies like J. Keilwerth and Pierret, today's Asian-made saxophones are cloaked in secrecy.

Who makes these horns? Most times this is not known, and many dealers won't tell you who their stencil manufacturer is. Why this secrecy? That's a really good question. Dealers give all kinds of supposed reasons for this secrecy, but none really make sense when you consider that in the past, a horn's pedigree was not classified as "need to know only basis".

In any event, given the amount of these horns that are flooding the marketplace, I thought it was fitting that at least a few of them end up in this gallery.

D.C. Pro Tenor #2006XXX, De Villier, Hohner, The Woodwind Tenor #7022XXX
Beaugnier (121)
R. Siour & E. Beaugnier, Stencils
Besson (25)
Baritone 1948, Soprano 2292
Boosey & Hawkes (155)
This section is dedicated to all 3 companies who at one time or another were all involved in B&H.
Alto 32794, Alto 39090, Boosey & Co. Ltd., Hawkes & Son, Stencils
Borgani (78)
Alto 1596, Alto 188XXX, Jubilee, Soprano 13491, Soprano 7460
Buescher (1357)
Academy Horns, Aristocrat, Buescher 400, Elkhart, Stencils, True Tone, Varitone, Vintage Ads
Buffet-Crampon (225)
Evette & Schaeffer, Super Dynaction
Cannonball (102)
Cannonball saxophones are made in Taiwan in 1 of 3 factories. These factories are the result of a contractual partnership between a husband and wife team from Salt Lake City, Utah, and a young, talented manufacturer from Taiwan. Together the group founded Cannonball.

After the saxophones have been manufactuered and assembled in Taiwan, they are shipped to Cannonball's facility just outside of Salt Lake City. There the horns are re-regulated, and checked for a perfect seal. According to Cannonball: "Then, a professional saxophonist and master acoustical technician plays the horn and customizes it to ensure it has great body, resonance, and focus. If there are any pitch anomalies they are also fixed at this time."

Source: Cannonball Saxophones - Saxophone Tour

Big Bell® Global Series, Big Bell® Stone Series™, Royal Crown Series
Carl Kruspe (13)
Alto Serial # ?
Conn (2029)
"Worcester", 22M Conn-O-Sax, 24M F Mezzo-Soprano, 28M Connstellation, 7M, Artist ("Naked Lady"), Clar-O-Sax, Connqueror, Director ("Shooting Stars"), DJH Modified ...
Couesnon (76)
1900, Monopole, Stencils
Custom Horns (15)
"Manzello", Straight Baritone
The DAyton Band Instrument COmpany of Dayton, Ohio, sold its own brand of saxophones under the label of DABICO. All DABICO saxophones were stencils, and a variety of companies supplied the saxophones for them. For example, some DABICO horns were made by Pierret, while others were made by Hammerschmidt
Alto 2904, Alto Serial # ?, Alto Serial # ?, Alto Serial ?, Baritone Serial # ?, Baritone Serial # ?, Tenor Serial # ?
Dolnet (129)
Bel Air, Early Horns, M70, Stencils
Dörfler & Jörka (1230)
For details on the brand, see the Dörfler & Jörka info page on the main portion of my site.
Artist #300, Baritone Saxophones, Boucet, Carl Ludwig, Carl Schiller, Clinton, Condor, Convair, De Villiers, Diamond ...
E.A. Couturier (52)
Alto 9690, C Melody 7670, Stencils
Eppelsheim (55)
Bass Saxophone, Eb Contrabass Saxophone, Soprillo, Tubax Bb, Tubax Eb
Eugen Schuster (53)
Alto 1316, Tenor 1260, Tenor 1725
F.X. HĂĽller (185)
For details on the brand, see my F.X. HĂĽller page on the main portion of my site.
Regent, Stencils, World, World De Luxe, World Super
Ferdinando Roth (5)
Alto 10XX
G.H. HĂĽller (480)
For details on the brand, see the G.H. HĂĽller info page on the main portion of my site.
Alto, Baritone Serial # 42853, Soprano 21980, Soprano 24330, Soprano Serial # ?, Stencils, Tenor
GebrĂĽder Mönnig Markneukirchen (36)
Alto 3195 M 1940, Alto 3428 M 1942, Alto 37240 M 1949
Grafton (112)
Serial # 10862, Serial # ?, Serial #: 11355, Serial #: 12671
Hammerschmidt (817)
For details on the brand, see my Hammerschmidt info page on the main portion of my site.
1961 Brochure, Cage Wire Key Guards, Josef Hammerschmidt Und Söhne, Klingson, Klingsor, Lafleur, Split Bell Keys, Stencils
Hohner President (1068)
For details on the brand, see the Hohner President info page on the main portion of my site.
Alto, Original Hohner Mouthpieces, Tenor
Holton (172)
Alto Serial # ?, C Melody 7526, Collegiate Alto 113265, Rudy Wiedoeft, Sopranino 112328, Soprano 16494, Soprano 28563, Vintage Ads
Ida Maria Grassi (96)
2000, Alto 26314, Alto 31168, Alto 32619, Professional 2000, Stencils, Wonderful
J.Keilwerth (2798)
If you're looking for a comprehensive listing of J. Keilwerth serial numbers, I suggest you look at the one compiled on No knowledge of German is required.

J. Keilwerth was first a Czechoslovakian company—when they had their company in Graslitz—and then later a German company, when they forcibly removed, and relocated to Nauheim after WWII. Exact dates for the move & the resumption of saxophone production is rather debatable, since available German information is a bit contradictory. Therefore it is difficult to say if a particular horn is Czech or German (unless the stamping is clearly visible).

It is safe however, to assume that horns made after 20000 are made in Germany. Anything before, is likely made in Czechoslovakia.

Angel Wing, Blackring Mics and Pick-up in Tenor Neck, CX 90, GJK Toneking, Keilwerth Edition, King, MKX, Stencils, Student, SX 90 ...
Julius Rudolph (5)
Serial # ?
J’Élle Stainer (93)
The Brazilian saxophone manufacturer that specializes in the unusually low end of the sound spectrum. You can find them on the web, at their appropriately named below 65.4 site.
Bass Saxophone, Compact Bass, Compact Contrabass, Compact Contrabass Low Bb, Contrabaritone, Full-size Subcontrabass, Low A Bass Saxophone, Slide Saxophone, Subcontrabass, Traditional Contrabass ...
King (902)
Ampliphonic By Vox, King, Saxello, Stencils, Super 20, Voll-True, Voll-True II, Zephyr, Zephyr Special
Kohlert (635)
Until shortly after WWII, Kohlert's Sons was located in Graslitz. However, because of the rejigging of country lines due political upheavals, their saxophones were stamped with different country names.

Graslitz was a part of the territory of Böhmen. From 1867 to 1918 it was part of Austria-Hungary. From 1919 to 1938 Böhmen was part of Czechoslovakia. Then from 1938 to 1945 it was a part of Germany. After 1945 it became part of Czechoslovakia again.

55, 57, 58, Bixley, Early Horns & Misc. Pre WWII, Modell 1926, Modell 1927, Modell 1928, Regent, Star ...
Köhler (131)
Alto 3082, Baritone 3009, Baritone 3190, Baritone 3531, Soprano 2725, Stencils, Tenor 2244, Tenor 27XX, Tenor 3420
Leblanc (104)
There is a lot of confusion about the 3 types of saxophones that Leblanc built. The terms "Rationale" or "Semi-Rationale" are often used incorrectly to described Leblanc System Saxophones. For a very good explanation of the 3 different models, check out what Pete Hales wrote on his new website about these horns.
Fingering Chart For Leblanc System Saxophones, Leblanc System Alto 1403, Leblanc System Alto Serial # ?, Leblanc System Tenor 581, Leblanc System Tenor 708, Semi-Rationnel Alto 215, Semi-Rationnel Alto 59, Semi-Rationnel Alto 9, Vito
Lopes (10)
Bass Saxophones, Windmaster II
Mahillon (27)
Baritone Serial # ?, Soprano 10521, Soprano Serial # ?
Malerne (44)
Martin (835)
Committee II, Handcraft, Handcraft Committee, Handcraft Imperial, Handcraft Troubadour, Home Model, Indiana, Magna, Medalist, Stencils ...
Maurice Boiste (64)
Maurice Boiste was a French saxophone maker in the early part of the 20th century. His horns are often misktaken for Pierret stencils. Check out the Maurice Boiste page on my website if you are interested in learning more about these interesting, vintage horns.
Alto 9267, Alto 96XX, Alto Serial # ?, Alto Serial # ?, Stencils
Max Keilwerth (479)
Admira Alto 3043, Aristocrat American Tenor 1401, C.A. Wunderlich, Globe, Globemaster Alto 5080, Harway Tenor Serial # ?, Hess Alto 4111, Johannes Adler, Josef Lidl Tenor 5061, Mars ...
Mystery Horns (303)
These are saxes whose pedigrees are still a mystery.
Amethyst Tenor Serial # ?, Bomar Alto 5102, Buescher, C.W.Moritz Alto Serial # ?, Clemenz Wurlitzer Tenor Serial # ?, Dearman, Edouard Robert Fils Alto # 303, F.&.L. Decart Frères Soprano, F.E. Olds & Son Alto #88882, G. Rudolph Uebel ...
Olds (27)
Alto 458, Alto Serial # ?
Orsi (858)
Alto, Baritone, Contrabass Serial # ?, Curved Sopranino 2217, Sopranino Serial # ?, Soprano, Stencil Horns, Tenor, Vintage Catalogue
Oscar Adler & Co. (531)
To read more about Oscar Adler saxophones, please see the company page on my website.
Caradl, Eterna, Gloria, No Model Engraving, Phönix, Racso, Relda, Sonora, Triumph, Unlabelled
Pierret (2002)
For details on the brand, see the Pierret info page on the main portion of my site.
Accessories, Artiste, Artiste Competition, Competition, Concerto, Concerto with Virtuor, Embassy, Modele 4, Modele 42, Modele 5 ...
Rampone & Cazzani (101)
A. Rampone, Alto Serial # ?, Stencils, Tenor 0272
Richard Keilwerth (25)
Alto 0043XX, Alto 1585, Alto 346963, Alto 5862, Alto Serial # ?, Tenor Serial # ?
Robert Oswald Adler (ROA) (122)
These horns carry the stamp of another famous Adler brother. Like his brother Franz Oscar Adler, Robert Oswald continued the family business of building musical instruments. In none of the literature I have come across did I find references to Robert Oswald Adler making saxophones however. Therefore, one is left to wonder if he ordered stencils from other companies.

We do know that at least some of the ROA horns were stencilled by other companies, since I have found this example made by F.X. HĂĽller.

If he did make saxophones in his own factory, looking through the horns in this ROA gallery you see an evolution of styles and features.

Alto 114XX, Alto 1410, Alto 861, Alto Serial # ?, Alto Serial # ?, Alto Serial # ?, Stencils, Tenor 2695, Tenor 6168
Russian Saxophones (27)
Alto Serial # ?, Tenor 41578, Tenor Serial #: ?, Tenor Serial #: ?
Saxophone Relatives (216)
Kelherman BBb Ophicleide, Moenning Saxoboe, Octavin, Rothophones, Sarrusophones
Schenkelaars (24)
Selmer (2354)
"Booster" Tenor Saxophone Neck, 130th Anniversary Saxophone, Adolphe Sax, Balanced Action, Early Horns With No Model Names Engraved, Mark VI, Mark VII, Modele 22, Modele 26, New Largebore ...
Selmer USA (174)
Bundy, Omega
Slide Saxophones (58)
Lyon & Healy, Reiffel & Husted, Swanee
SML – Strasser Marigaux & Lemaire (13)
Gold Medal
Universal Savana Paris (8)
Alto 244, Alto 480
VEB Blechblas- und Signal-Instrumenten-Fabrik (2453)
1953 - 1973
Akustik, B&S, Electric Pick-up For Saxophone, Stencils, Weltklang
Vibrato Sax (0)
Vintage Brochures & Catalogues (97)
Hammerschmidt Klingson Brochure 1961, Hohner President Brochure Circa 1949, Jörgensen Catalogue Circa 1950s, Julius Keilwerth Brochure Circa 1979, Lindberg Catalogue circa late 1950s, Martin Saxophones Circa 1920s, Orsi Catalogue Circa Late 1950s, Paul Stark Catalogue 1893, Selmer Mark VII Brochure Circa 1979, V. Kohlert's Söhne Catalogue Circa 1930s ...
Vintage Electronica (133)
1965 Conn R&B Pickup Ad, 1968 Conn Multi-Vider & 500 Amp Ad, 1968 Selmer Varitone Ad, Ampliphonic By Vox, B&S Tonabnehmer, Blackring Mics and Pick-up in Tenor Neck, R.B. Pickup, Selmer Varitone
Vintage Horn Ads (11)
Buescher, Conn 11M 1969, Couturier 1924 Saxophones, Julius Keilwerth 1994, King, Martin 1954, Pierret 1950, Selmer Super 80 1981, Yamaha 1977 Saxophones
Vintage Mouthpiece Ads (6)
1946 Bobby Dukoff Vibrametal Ad, Brilhart 1969, Brilhart Level-Air 1965, Runyon 1946, Runyon 1954
Vintage Reed Ads (6)
1956 Vibrator Reed Ad
Vintage Reeds (22)
"Betcha" Alto, Colonne Tenor, Evette & Schaeffer Buffet-Crampon Alto, Goldtone Tenor, Rene Dumont, Scientific Alto, The Luellen Tenor, Topper Alto, Weltklang Tenor
Vogtländische Musikinstrumentenfabrik GmbH (1262)
1989 - 2005
B&S, Transitional Horns
W. Stowasser’s Söhne (19)
For details on the brand, see the W. Stowasser’s Söhne info page on the main portion of my site.
Bass Serial # ?, Contrabass Serial #
Werner Roth (WERO) (34)
For details on the brand, see the Werner Roth (WERO) page on the main portion of my site.
Alto 2256, Alto 25XX
Wolfram (59)
Meister Oswald Tenor, Meister Oswald Wolfram Serial # ?, Meister Oswald Wolfram Tenor No Serial #, Migma Engraved Tenor, Siegfried Wolfram Tenor No Serial #, Siegfried Wolfram Tenor No Serial #
Wooden Saxophones (62)
Nova Wooden Saxophone, SAWAT, Saxwood
Yamaha (65)
Disclaimer: I know almost nothing about Yamaha brand saxophones, and have played only a handful in my career. I have however, come across some interesting vintage part info, and offer the sub-galleries for those players who have an interest in the older Yamaha horns.

The older horns I have included in these galleries are intended to illustrate the complete versions of parts diagrams.

Vintage Parts Lists, YAS- 61 # 014xxxA, YAS-21 # 027428, YSS-62 #4514, YTS-62 #024147

26742 images in 2765 categories.

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PM5544_with_non-PAL_signals (Bassic Sax)
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Curvy-ws (Bassic Sax)
Adolphe Sax (From National Music Museum)
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s-l1600 (Bassic Sax)
For Sale October 2017
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