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Bassic Sax Pix - Mouthpiece On Neck Manufacturer: Martin
Model: Home Model
Serial #: 116513
Finish: Lacquered
Source: stuff-from-yesterday on

I don't know if any of these home models came from the factory lacquered, or this was lacquered at some point in its life. The engraving and serial # stamping doesn't look like the lacquer was done over top of the engraving though. So until I've seen a whole bunch more of these relative rarities, the jury is still out.

These saxophones were intended for—as their model name indicates—the home market. They had less keys than regular saxophones because the side and trill keys were left off. Also their range was reduced. They only played from low to high C. Because music stores did not sell them, and they were distributed only through mail order, sales were not very good. In the end very few Home Model saxophones were made by Martin.]]>
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