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Regular, non-feed readers of my blog might notice, depending on when you happen to visit the site, a change to its look. I am trying some different things over the next couple of days.

I accidentally stumbled across a new theme yesterday called Colourise by Theme Lab. I am experimenting with it, to see if it will give me more of the feel that I’m looking for, and is overall a bit more consistent with my main site.

One of the reasons I started poking around in WordPress themes, is that I noticed that as much as I liked my original theme that I was using for my blog, it wasn’t 100% compatible with Mozilla Firefox. I recently downloaded that browser, and was shocked by what I was sometimes seeing. Obviously the Dark Pink Reload theme by ShinRa House is designed to work flawlessly on Internet Explorer, which it does, but in Firefox some posts would be inexplicably filled with long blank chunks. 

This new theme seems to work better. So far I haven’t noticed any problems in either browser, but then I haven’t looked at all the pages. 

Anyways, I just wanted to mention that I am experimenting this weekend. So if you do happen to look and  you notice strange things, no it’s not your eyes playing tricks on you. It’s just me, messing around in the back end of my blog.

…this is just my blog. My “real” website is If you’re looking for sax info, you should check it out too.There’s lots there!

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Helen Kahlke is a professional horn player and sax teacher who lives in Abbotsford, British Columbia. She plays soprano, alto, C melody, tenor, baritone, and bass saxophones.

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