Sunday AM Reflections

Last night we played our 2nd show at the Bull ‘N Raven in Downtown Abbotsford. Like on the first PM, the crowd was on the smallish side, but very appreciative of the music. We had some of our loyal fans out, and had some new ones as well.

When we played at Berry Beat last weekend, Art announced the weekend’s upcoming shows at the Bull ‘N Raven, at the end of our performance. From that announcement, we had a couple of very enthusiastic new fans come to see us last PM. They rocked! They really like the music we played, and were very familiar with the genre. 

We also had a table of women there, that just happened to wander in. They loved what they heard, and stayed most of the PM. When they left, one of them gave Art a big hug, and said she was looking forward to hearing him again soon. She said she absolutely loved his guitar playing. It was very sweet actually. Art was blushing like crazy.

There was another table of woman who were celebrating someone’s birthday. When we did sound check, I was wandering around, and ended up doing a solo right beside their table. I apologized afterwards, and asked them if the levels were too loud. They said no. Next thing I know, they moved: closer to the band. They had been sitting about 30 feet away. Their new table was about 1/2 that distance from us.

It’s always hard playing clubs in the summer months. Family stuff, kids stuff, vacations, and nice weather that allows people to be home and entertaining in their backyards and on their decks, makes it hard for bands to draw.

Unfortunately the newspapers didn’t help us either. Our local papers managed to not even list us playing under upcoming events. The Friday paper listed the Thursday PM events….Excellent job guys…Congrats….The residents of Abbotsford now know what they could have done the PM before. Whatever…

I should point out that the papers did manage to get the Envision Twilight Concert Series listings correct however. And in Martha Stewart’s words: that’s a good thing. When we play Heritage Park in Mission next Friday at 7 PM as part of that series, hopefully the papers will get the coverage right then too!

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Helen Kahlke is a professional horn player and sax teacher who lives in Abbotsford, British Columbia. She plays soprano, alto, C melody, tenor, baritone, and bass saxophones.

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