eBay Overflowing With La Monte Alto Saxes

I was really surprised a couple of days ago when I happened to stumble across 2 La Monte saxes on eBay at the same time. What’s strange is that they are both alto saxophones. Both have different sellers. And what’s even stranger, is that their respective auctions end on the same day. Talk about a coincidence.

The first horn is described by the seller like this:

VINTAGE La Monte ITALY Alto Sax Saxophone !


Thought this was interesting & bought it today! I can barely play, but I used my tenor sax (this alto sax does NOT have a mouthpiece) mouthpiece & managed to hit all of the notes. I’m sure that a pro set-up & cleaning will work wonders. This has to be at least student quality or better and probably a MUCH nicer choice that a new ‘starter’ horn (less expensive, too)!!!!!

Condition is good/average – will probably need some pad attention someday, there are a few decorative buttons on the guards & keys that are missing. Nothing too bad. Count on doing some minimal work (or having it done). All keys move freely – that’s a GOOD thing! Please consider all pics carefully – that is the BEST & most accurate representation of the horn that I can offer. NO mouthpiece. NO CASE.

This is ABSOLUTELY sold ‘as-is’, no returns, adjustments, buyer’s regret, unhappy spouses, etc.

Buyer pays shipping – BEST OF LUCK! Tons-a-music on auction right now!!!


I will not accept a return on this item due to shipping charges and it’s vulnerability as a potentially fragile item. Again – terms of sale – ‘as-is’, no returns or ‘adjustments’. That being said, I hope that the case finds a good home. In the right hands, it’s well worth consideration!

I didn’t reproduce the different size fonts in this eBay ad, but if you look at the original you’ll see that it’s done mostly in a 36 point font. It will certainly grab your attention. 😯

BTW, didn’t you love the seller’s line about how he tried the alto with his tenor mouthpiece and “managed to hit all of the notes”. How? It’s been a while since I tried putting a tenor m/p on an alto, but last time I tried it, there was no seal on the cork.

Engraving  Left Side

    Source: eBay.com

It’s on this shot you can see all the missing pearls.

Right Side

    Source: eBay.com

At the time of writing there was 1 bid of $49.99 on this Orsi-made La Monte. The auction for this sax ends tomorrow, August 7.

The second La Monte alto sax is another Orsi stencil. Unlike the first seller’s high energy sales approach, this seller takes a rather low-key sales tactic:

Italian Alto Saxophone by “La Monte”. Well built. Pads are a bit old; otherwise, everything seems to work quite well, may need adjustment. Cork on the neck is still very healthy. Comes with a good strap, mouthpiece, and ligature. Case included.

Horn & Bits

    Source: eBay.com


    Source: eBay.com

Left Side Bell Keys

Source: eBay.com


    Source: eBay.com

Bids for this La Monte are to start at $50.00. At the time of writing there were still no bids on this little horn. The auction ends tomorrow, August 7.

Both of these La Montes were stencils of the student model Orsi saxophones.


There is also a La Monte Superior still for sale in an eBay store. The Superior is a stencil of the professional model Orsi saxophone. The auction for the Superior runs until August 11. The Buy It Now price for it is $145.00. Which BTW, is down from the $175.00 it was when it first hit my radar in mid-June.

So if you’re in the market for a La Monte saxophone, you’re in luck! However, given the lack of activity on these 3 auctions, I suspect that there’s not a huge demand for these vintage Italian saxophones.

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Helen Kahlke is a professional horn player and sax teacher who lives in Abbotsford, British Columbia. She plays soprano, alto, C melody, tenor, baritone, and bass saxophones.


  1. Very interested in your intelligence on the La Monte horns. I am thinking of getting one as I need an alto for a funk band I am hoping to join. God I gotta give one a try a least. I can do most of the work on it myself. Sorry there is an alto on ebay at the mow, firm Canada. God they are going cheap! For a vintage sax that may have a deep dark sound got to be good.

    • Hi there Fast Eddie. Welcome to my site.

      Well the La Monte saxophones are certainly going for very little money these days. No doubt about that, but then so are many other saxophones.

      The problem with La Monte is, there were a number of different companies that made the saxophones and stencilled them with the La Monte name. The ones that I am writing about are the ones made by Orsi in Italy. Keep in mind, these are for the most part, student model saxophones. That is unless you can find a La Monte Superior, like this one that sold recently through an eBay store. These were based on the professional model Orsi saxes.

      Yes, the La Monte that I have does have a darker sound than the newer student model saxophones such as the Yamaha.

      If you can do some of the work yourself, you might want to give one a try. (That is unless you find one in perfect repair already… Good luck with that though!) They are certainly a decent horn. But again, be careful, because not all La Monte saxophones were made by Orsi.

      Good luck in your search. If you find something, and want me to take a look at it to make sure that it is in fact an Orsi stencil horn, you can always leave drop a comment on the Questions & Suggestions page or send me an email. If the horn you see is on-line, make sure you send me the link. Thanks!



  2. Update: Well these horns both sold. Horn #1, with its colourful, 36 point font description, went for $102.50. Not bad for a sax with no case and a boatload of missing pearls. In the end 5 people had bid on this La Monte alto.

    La Monte alto #2, with a case, mouthpiece & a low-key sales approach, also had 5 bidders on it. The winning bid on it was $122.50.

    So from this totally non-scientific study are we to conclude that a case and a full set of pearls on a student model sax are worth $20 extra? Well, you’ll have to be the judge of that.

    FYI, sax #2 sold for exactly the same price as another La Monte alto did in January. Go figure. Apparently that is the current eBay price for these little under-rated gems.

    FWIW, I still believe these are much better horns than anything you’re going to buy for hundreds more that are new and shiny, but in reality a P.O.S.

    I’ve had a number of students show up with horns that their parents have bought via the ‘Net that were new, that were just that: a P.O.S. No name brands, made in an undisclosed country, with absolutely no quality control or craftsmenship.

    Based on my personal experience with these Orsi stencil horns, I know those students would have been much better off with something like a La Monte, then with their new & shiny P.O.S. :bang:

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