Yakety Sax: Disney World Style

I happened across this very Disney version of Yakety Sax that I thought you would enjoy. Here, one the saxophone bands at Walt Disney World, is performing the Benny Hill theme in their own unique style.

I think Boots Randolph would have liked this.

Personally, I like the bass saxophones that seem to appear in Disney bands regularly. It gives all of us bass players a glimmer of hope that there is work out there. 😉

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Helen Kahlke is a professional horn player and sax teacher who lives in Abbotsford, British Columbia. She plays soprano, alto, C melody, tenor, baritone, and bass saxophones.


  1. The Disney Toontown Tuners were actually only supposed to be there for 10 years. One thing led to another and they stayed for a couple decades more. Walt Disney World is actually I think one of seven parksin the world (Florida, California, Japan, China, Germany, etc.) The Walt Disney World in Florida is actually expanding Fantasyland and well, demolishing Toontown. Toontown wasn’t supposed to exist for as long as it did. I believe every park has the toontown tuners.
    The quintet is sometimes reduced down to 3 or 4. There are also many other bands that play in the parks. For instance in frontierland there was 3 banjo players and a tuba and a snare playing western tunes (Sweet Georgia Brown, Stand By Your Man, On the Road Again, etc.).
    There is a piano player on the end of main street when you walk into the Magic Kingdom.

  2. I must admit, I have never been to any of the Disney theme parks. How sad is that? I always wanted to go though. My parents were just never really big on family vacations however.

    Do all the Disney theme parks have sax quintets etc? Or is it only the one in Florida?

  3. Thank you, they aren’t my best videos, but I keep on trying harder to play better each time. Practice, practice, practice…..

  4. I will thanks. And wow I’ve seen some of your videos on youtube (I love the bass sax) and they sound great. Subscribed!

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  6. Go for it. The people / musicians are very knowledgable about music and other musicians across the country and know a LOT of songs.

    For instance the piano player on main street knew many many many rags, including Vine Street Drag.

    @ 2:22 is the Vine Street Drag (in Mummer’s Style.)

  7. I’m going to disney in April, I hope they’re there. If so, I’m going to request four brothers!


  8. I drove down to Disney world last sunday and came back on friday. I got to see the Disney Toontown Tuners perform. The thing was I brought my mouthpiece and I thought if I got lucky enough they would let me play on the tenor saxophone. I asked them if they wanted to play saxophobia, and they said sure.
    I was very careful with the next question: “Do you think I could play just one song? this is the first time I’ve been to Disney” and they said “sure, what’s your experience”, “about 14 years in numerous bands”. After all of 5 seconds, they said sure I could play with them. So I hopped on and played with them.

    I’m thinking that they might want ti hire me for the summer. (I wish.)

    The reason I was down in disney for a couple days was for my little sister. She’s participating in the college program down there.

    She’ll have fun, and hopefully I do get a gig with the Toontown Tuners.

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