Another Example Of Sax In Pop Music

Today’s post is a comedic one. Marcellina, the Hungarian musician known for playing white, and more recently black saxophones, posted a video on her YouTube channel in December titled Andrea.

Andrea is a very quirky, and funny video, whose driving beat reminds us that Marcellina was first and foremost a pop star. The sax riff is intricately woven throughout the piece, and is Marcellina’s second voice throughout the song.

I hope Andrea makes brings a smile to your face. It did to mine. Think of it as 4+ minutes of silliness that might make you forget about your troubles.

Thank you Marcellina for this quirky piece. I hope you’re doing well, and that 2011 will be better than 2010 was for you. Best wishes…hk

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Helen Kahlke is a professional horn player and sax teacher who lives in Abbotsford, British Columbia. She plays soprano, alto, C melody, tenor, baritone, and bass saxophones.


  1. This is all sorts of win, and proves the long take can be very effective in a short medium like a music video. I don’t think rolling on the floor in exhaustion at the end was JUST acting. 🙂 Sadly, this aesthetic is lost on the two-second-attention-span crowd which seems to dominate television. 😡

  2. Nabbed, six ways to Sunday. Judging from the comments I’m getting, Helen and I are not the only ones to find this video to be very weird. 😯

    • I think Marcellina is just playing around and having fun. It’s a bit of a throw-back to the 80s actually. I’m not sure when the video was actually produced, or when the song was actually popular. I’m not sure if it’s a current single of hers. It sounds a bit more like what she did in the 8os when she was defined as pop star.

      What I really enjoy about her as a performer, is that she is a performer in the true sense of the word. Her 1 woman show is a great example of that, as is her performance while playing saxophone inverted and being moved across the audience. She has carved out a very unique niche for herself over the years in both Europe and beyond. She is a character, and her stage persona manages to come through even on the videos.

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