Audi Of America’s Actual Super Bowl Ad

By now many of you have likely seen the ad by Audi that features snippets of Songbird and a cameo by Kenny G. However, if you live in another country, you might not have seen the Super Bowl at all.

Or even if you did watch the Super Bowl, some countries—like Canada—replace the Super Bowl ads with local content. Or for that matter, you might live in the States and not have watched the Super Bowl because you’re not into sports, or into football.

No matter which of the above-noted realities might apply to you, since I made a point of noting Audi’s pre-game teaser featuring the G Man, I thought it was only fitting that I do a followup and give you the actual ad itself. Enjoy Release The Hounds

Hit ’em with the Kenny G.

Without the background of the teaser ad, this Super Bowl ad itself would leave you scratching your head and asking: “What’s Kenny G doing there?”

At $3 million per 30 second ad¹, this minute would have cost Audi a cool $6 million just in broadcast costs alone.

I wonder what the actual ad costs were. Factor in ad agency, actors, usage of Songbird, production, etc, etc costs, and Audi will need to sell a lot of A8s in order to recoup its money. However, since this appears to be a new product launch, it can be argued that this is a very clever new marketing tool.

Good marketing tool or not, my favourite part of the ad is without a doubt the release of the Afghan hounds. I’m a sight hound person. What can I say?


¹ The 2011 cost for a 30 second advertising spot during the Super Bowl XLIV was $3 million according to Reuters. This was reported all over the TV news reports in the hours after the game.
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