It’s February 14th…

… And since that makes today Valentine’s Day, it only seems fitting that I include a song that reflects the romantic aspect of day. The saxophone is after all, arguably the world’s most romantic instrument—or at least the instrument that has come to signify romance/sex in popular culture.

Japan’s Kaori Kobayashi will be turning 30 later this year, but already has more musical notches under her belt than many musicians twice her age. In just under 2 weeks she will be releasing her 7th album. Precious is set for release on February 23, and will include a bonus track.

Bonus track 12 on Kobayashi’s new album, is Nothing’s Gonna Change My Love for You. This song was originally included on her 2009 album, Golden Best. Apparently the intense popularity of her versions of the tune on YouTube—more than 3.5 million views to date—prompted the inclusion of the song again on this album.

So even though I’ve mentioned this video once before, since Kobayashi will be re-releasing the tune this month, I thought I would use it for this year’s Valentine’s Day post. Nothing’s Gonna’ Change My Love for You, is after all, nothing if not a classic love song.

So consider this post a heads-up. If you haven’t yet planned something romantic, or ordered flowers, or picked up a small something for your Valentine, what are you waiting for? Time’s a wasting.

Oh, and guys, a small—or large—household appliance is not a romantic gift. Nor is it generally appreciated for birthdays or Christmas either. I’m just saying… Trust me on this. :mrgreen:

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Helen Kahlke is a professional horn player and sax teacher who lives in Abbotsford, British Columbia. She plays soprano, alto, C melody, tenor, baritone, and bass saxophones.


  1. Hi, Helen. That recording’s a few years old now. Give this video a view to see what she’s up to now:
    (from a gig late last year at Blues Alley, Japan). I think you’ll agree this is an exciting performance of an original song.

    Stephen, Oxford, UK

    • Wow! Thanks for the link Stephen. That was unbelievable.

      Kaori Kobayashi is certainly extremely well versed in many different styles of music. I would never have thought this Indian-style piece would turn into what it did. The transition was remarkable.

      I’m thinking there are a few high profile alto players who could either be inspired by her, or want to hang up their horns, after seeing and hearing her perform. 😉

      • Glad you enjoyed it. A lot of her melodies are very simple and straightforward, without the complex harmonies of jazz songs, but her improvisations are extremely confident, fluent and interesting to listen to. I’m a very low profile player indeed, a complete amateur, but I find her inspiring, as many others do.

  2. As for love songs, here’s “No Other Girl” for the first song by Polish American String Band.
    There’s ‘No Other Girl’, routine, and ‘Charlie was a Boxer Polka’
    within the video.

    Happy Valentine’s Day to all.

    Chris H.

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