New Music By the Late, Great Clarence Clemons


This past summer—on June 18—The Big Man passed away from complications of a stroke he suffered 6 days earlier. His music however, will continue to live on in the hearts of his legions of fans, his musical colleagues, and over the airwaves, for years to come.

To say that Clarence Clemons was a popular musician would be an understatement. He, together with Springsteen, were the heart and soul of the E Street Band.

The E Street Band had 2 signature Christmas songs. Santa Claus Is Coming To Town and Merry Christmas Baby, both featured Clemons’ sax playing. Now this holiday season, Clemons’ fans will be able to enjoy 2, never-before-heard Christmas songs by The Big Man.

Apparently in 1981 Clemons recorded There’s Still Christmas and The Christmas Song. There’s Still Christmas features Clemons on lead vocals, while The Christmas Song is an instrumental.

Both songs will be premiered on November 18 at Asbury Park, NJ’s Wonder Bar, prior to their release on iTunes. Clemon’s son, Clarence Clemons III, will be headlining the release party with his band, The Nick Clemons Band.


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