Bassic Sax finally in its new home

UHAUL, moving van, Bassic Sax, new homeWell that took A LOT longer than anticipated, but my Bassic Sax website is now finally moved to its new home on a VPS at a different hosting company. We’ve had some hiccups along the way—quite a few actually—none of them have been under our control.

That said, over the weekend the domain was re-directed, and with all the pizazz of a light switch being turned off, my website vanished for just over 24 hours while my previous hosting company/domain registrar managed to find one more way to complicate my life. Yesterday, through the efforts of a good friend, dedicated tech, and fellow vintage saxophone researcher, Bassic Sax reappeared, and now I can finally do some much-needed updating. Yeah!!

What’s a new home if not full of housekeeping chores?

1. Yes, I know there are comments missing. Because the database that was used to re-create this site was a couple of weeks old, any comments since that database was downloaded are currently not present.

Have no fear. If you left a comment in the past two weeks, it did not get lost. I will be restoring those comments in the next few days. There is just a lot I have to do before I can do that. I promise you though, I will get those comments up soon, and get some replies posted as well.

2. If you are real person (vs a spambot) and registered to be a user on Bassic Sax Pix in the last few months, but have not yet received a confirmation email from me yet, please re-register.

I purposely hadn’t made any gallery changes at the request of my tech person for a couple of months now. 4Images gallery is hard enough to move as it is. This way he didn’t need to worry about having an up-to-date database to worry about.

So that about does it for my quickie update regarding Bassic Sax finally being in its new home.

One last thing though: I have not yet had a chance to check all the pages of my site, so I don’t know if it is actually working as it should, or if there are things missing.

If you do find things that are broken, or pages that are missing, please email me and let me know. Links to my email are conveniently located at the top, bottom, and right side of each of both this blog’s, and the website’s pages. Thank you!


Hello.  I am 1337 h@xxor who has taken over Helen’s site.  Ha. Ha.  Ha!

Or I’m Pete.  Yes; saxpics,,, etc.  In real life, I’m a computer guy.

I re-uploaded all the newer files and the latest database from the old host.  It looks pretty god to me.  Hey, this post was even saved.  I didn’t expect that.

© 2018, Helen. All rights reserved.


Helen Kahlke is a professional horn player and sax teacher who lives in Abbotsford, British Columbia. She plays soprano, alto, C melody, tenor, baritone, and bass saxophones.


  1. Hi Helen, found something that looks like a bug.
    I tried to read comment 132838 from Vivian Astridge.
    The link brought my to the right page, but the comment was not visible.
    The recent comments on the bottom of that page showed comment 131838 as the last comment.
    Probably there is a problem with synchronization of the new comments section on different pages.

    • Which page is that comment supposed to be on Theo?

      According to a backend search, Vivian has left 5 comments on this site. I just checked, and all 5 of her comments are present and accounted for on the front end.

      The comment editor plugin I use provides commentors with 5 minutes (at least I think that’s what I have the time set for) to either edit or delete their comments. If Vivian deleted her comment before that time elapsed, I don’t believe that I would have a record of that. I wonder if that’s what happened. However, if you were following comments on a particular article, you would likely get a notification of the comment before it was deleted.

    • The same happened to your comment 134590. The link is visible in the recent comments section of the home page. When pressed it brings me to this page -Bassic sax finally in its new home-, but the comment is not visible. It is also not in the list of recent comments at the bottom of this page. I will send a new message when it appears on this page.

      • Now it is visible

      • Mmm… Interesting… I thought Maybe it is a problem with the nesting settings, since I only allow for 5 comments. But if it effected 134590, then that can’t be it… Strange…

        Just so you know, there is no way for me to check for the comment # from the backend. The comment # is visible only on the frontend when you hover of it. Frustrating as hell. A search for the comment # in the back turns up nothing…

    • Now Vivians comment is visible. A few minutes ago I could read comments 134590, 13459 and 134596, but not any more. It is a strange phenomenon.

      • That makes no sense

        I just increased the visible comments from 10 to 25. Time for me to log out and view this site as a non-admin….

        • Yup… It’s a cluster fuck… A total, and complete cluster fuck…

          • The error seems to be in the formation of the list of recent comments on other pages than the home page. When a comment on a page is not in this list it is not visible. I agree that it is a problem but I am not sure yet if ticks all boxes to be a cluster fuck.

    • It is a strange phenomenon. Just when the page on the sale of the square mp came on I could read all comments, After a few minutes some disappeared.
      Only the recent comments section of the home page shows all comments. On other pages this list is incomplete and the excluded comments are not visible for me.
      I could not read your last 3 comments (134600, 134603 and 134604) so could you use my email adres?

  2. There’s a much, much longer story to why it took so long to get this ‘site moved to the new server. I’ve gotta say that they were all extremely good reasons. Well, most of the time. I *was* in the hospital for a while, after all …

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