For Sale: Vintage Selmer S80 E Alto MP

For sale: an early Selmer S80 E hard rubber alto mouthpiece with square chamber. 

saxophone mouthpiece, hard rubber mouthpiece, Selmer S80E alto mouthpiece

There is some oxidization and tooth wear, but otherwise in good condition. The rails and tip are all OK.

To the best of my knowledge, this piece has never been worked on. It came used with my Mark VI when I bought it 20+ years ago.

Since I never use it, I figure it’s time to let it go to someone who will actually get some use out of it.

Asking $125.00 US.

Free, insured shipping in both the Continental US & Canada via USPS and Xpresspost respectively. 

For more info or more photos, please leave a comment below, or email.

Note: This is not Helen’s MP. I am a friend of hers, and fellow vintage sax player. I teach saxophone at a local music store.  

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  1. The combination of a square hole and an E opening is not that common so you can call it rare. Also personal taste for certain mouthpieces can look like insanity to other people. The only valuable rule I found was that you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find a mouthpiece that suits you.

  2. If this is worth the asking price, then insanity rules. It’s not even worth 10.

    • Yah, I feel you Kev. I’m not a fan myself. However, some people do seem to like them. The E opening is also more unusual…

      That said, I’m not a classical player. The last time I seriously played and studied classical saxophone was when dinosaurs still walked the earth, and when Mark VIs were still the go-to horn for everything. (Read the 80s)

      FYI, my friend’s son just bought the new version of this MP in C* b/c he takes classical lessons. I was shocked at how much he paid. As you said, as a jazz and rock player, I wouldn’t pay that. But then he wouldn’t pay what I paid for my Durga, or my Apollo. It all comes down to personal taste; what kind of music you play; and what kind of sound the piece manages to produce for you.

    • FYI, there is a C* S80 alto MP for sale at that is exactly in this ballpark. ($125)

      Chadd’s C* pieces are not nearly as nice, and vary in price from $85-105.

      The fact that this one is a larger tip opening makes it more interesting. Some players who feel restricted by the C* may like the more open tip.

      And remember my friend is including shipping & insurance in this listing. Price advertised is all in. No taxes or shipping.

      Oh, and FYI, the new S80s cost $228.27 CDN at WWBW

      As I said in my earlier comment, these may not be your thing, but a great many people like them.

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