La Monte Tenor Saxophone

I put a page up on my website a number of years ago about my Italian-made La Monte tenor sax, because I had answered questions about the brand many times on SOTW. Back then, I seemed to be the only person who had any first-hand playing experience with the brand. Another SOTW member, after he purchased a La Monte, contacted Orsi, and they confirmed that they had made the La Monte saxophones.

Over the past few years I have watched with interest, how the La Monte saxophones that have appeared on eBay oftentimes linked to my website. It seems that my website page is still the main source of info for this obscure Orsi stencil.

This week I took my La Monte off the wall and took some photos of it. In part, because I wanted to compare it to the Gallotone that I just bought, which I believe is most likely an Orsi stencil as well.

Because I get so many people looking for information on La Monte saxophones, I thought it was time to put up some better, more detailed photos of the sax. Now please pardon the dust. This poor thing has been hanging on a wall for probably close to 20 years. And while yes, we do dust, it is obviously not as clean as if it were living in a case. :smile:













I like this old horn. It saw me through Jr. and Sr. High School, until it was replaced with a pro horn just before I entered university. It still has a big, fat sound that will easily blow away any new student model and many so-called intermediate models on the market.

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Italian-Made La Monte Saxophones

The very first saxophone that I ever owned, and still own as a matter of fact, was a La Monte tenor sax. It was made in Italy, most likely sometime in the 1960s. I got it in the late 70s when my parents finally got tired of making rental payments on the Bundy tenor that I had been playing for 2 years.

I never knew much about the sax, but a few years ago a fellow SOTW member also had an Italian-made La Monte, and started sending letters to the Italian sax manufacturers inquiring if they were the makers of this stencil brand. Eventually Orsi confirmed that they were the makers of the Italian-made La Monte brand saxophones. 

Over the years I have received many emails from owners of La Monte horns. The notes I get tend to all agree with my assessment of the sax: These instruments are arguably better than many, if not most, new student model, and even intermediate model horns currently on the market.

This morning I was doing my weekly window shopping for vintage saxes on eBay, and came across this little gem. It’s a vintage La Monte alto sax in seemingly beautiful condition.

La Monte in case


The seller admits he/she knows nothing about saxophones, so provides a lot of detailed photos in place of a description. This is what the seller does say:

This auction is for a Vintage La Monte Alto Saxophone (SN C9011 – Made in Italy) that is in very nice overall used condition in the case with the mouthpiece as shown.

I need to tell you upfront that my knowledge on saxophones is limited to say the least. However, I have sold many saxophones (including Selmer, Yamaha, Conn, and Martin) on eBay and have never had one returned.

Due to my lack of knowledge, the photographs will need to provide the best description of the instrument.

As are many of the items that I sell on eBay, this instrument is out of an estate.

The instrument has several areas of wear on the finish that is consistent with normal use.

However, I do not believe it has any dents.

The pads appear to be in very nice condition (see pictures).

The carrying case is in fair condition.

Please review the photographs as they describe the instrument much better than words. I have tried to provide several so that a potential buyer can make an informed decision prior to bidding.

I will guarantee the instrument to be as described or your money back!

I have started the bidding at $0.99 with no reserve. Therefore, the highest bidder wins the auction.

S,H,&I is $14.95 via standard ground shipping within the continental United States. This price will include professional packaging that I have done for me by an outside vendor. They use all new boxes, bubble wrap, and foam peanuts to insure that your purchase will arrive in perfect condition.

The pictures do show a very nice looking horn, given its age, and the fact that it was considered a student model instrument, therefore it was not marketed toward an adult crowd. Often student horns look in very rough condition. Not this one however…

Left Side


The corrosion around the body tube & bow is the worst damage that is visible on the horn.

Right Side


The lacquer is worn on the Eb key & key guard…

Back & Serial #


Palm Keys


Left Pinky Cluster & Side




Neck, Mouthpiece, Cap


The really shocking thing about this auction, is that at the time of me writing this post, approximately 10:00 am PST, the price currently sits at $34.33 for this little sax. So far only 6 people have bid on this horn. The auction ends tomorrow, January 2, 2009, at 19:22 PST.

If you’re interested in finding out more about these Orsi-made stencil horns, check out the La Monte page on my main website.

…this is just my blog. My “real” website is If you’re looking for sax info, you should check it out too.There’s lots there!