I’m Looking For Some Max Keilwerth Horns…

No, not to buy… My G.A.S. hasn’t gotten the better of me. ;)  Just some photos for research, and possibly illustration purposes. (The latter only if you give me permission to use them.)

I’m doing research at the moment on Max Keilwerth—the brother to Julius and Richard Keilwerth—and will be adding a page for him to the main portion of my site. This new page will be the first of 3 that I am writing on the Keilwerth brothers.

I have many, many examples of Max Keilwerth’s last horns, the Hohner President, but only 1 example of a horn he built before then. It was the Mars alto that appeared on the German eBay site earlier this summer.

Early in his career Max Keilwerth worked for Oscar Adler and F.X. Hüller, and was instrumental in the development of F.X. Hüller’s saxophone department. However, after this, and before he began working for Hohner, he worked independently, and designed and built saxophones which carried the name Mars, President (not to be confused with the Hohner President), and ????

     Source: bluespeter1 on eBay.de

Max Keilwerth’s saxophones can be distinguished by the Pure Tone Trademark that he stamped on them. This trademarked bell tells you that what you have is a Max Keilwerth saxophone.

Although I have not seen any, apparently there are President saxophones that have this Pure Tone Trademark. I would be most interested in seeing some photos of such saxophones.

So this is a request to all those out there who have a horn with this type of marking: Please get in touch with me. I would really like to see some photos of your saxophone.

I don’t use any photos on my website that people send me, without their permission. So please, don’t worry about your sax appearing online if you don’t want it to.

I am trying to learn as much as I can about Max Keilwerth’s saxophones, and trying to see if I can establish when certain design features appeared on his horns. I am also curious if he ever built anything other than alto and tenor saxophones.

Perhaps you have a sax with this stamp that you know nothing about, in which case we’ll be helping each other out.

Thanks everyone!

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I’m Looking For Some Max Keilwerth Horns… — 5 Comments

    • Hi there. Welcome to my site.

      These horns are not all that common. That said, I have seen about 4 or so in the past year. At least 1 or 2 have been in the US, and the rest have been in Europe. If you really want get a Max Keilwerth-made. Pure Tone Trade Mark horn, my suggestion is that you register with eBay, and set up a notification for all the key words that apply. For instance: Max Keilwerth, Pure Tone Trade Mark, Pure Tone, Mars, President, (by prepared to filter out the Hohners that you end up getting notified about) etc, etc. If you take a look at the Max Keilwerth gallery on my Bassic Sax Pix site, you can find the names of some more of the horns he produced. I would enter all those names as well, and get eBay to notify you if one of those saxophones comes up for sale or auction. Oh, and make sure you set your preferences on eBay to Worldwide, this will also increase your chances of finding something.

      Germany’s eBay site—eBay.de—has by far and away the greatest number of Max Keilwerth horns come up for sale and auction. You might want to start you search there.

      You will most likely have to be patient. Finding one of these in good condition, will likely not be easy. However, you are looking for an alto, so that does increase your chances. A tenor would be more difficult to come by.

      Best of luck to you. When you do find one, please let me know. I’d love to get some photos for the MK gallery.



    • Hello Kober.

      Yes, I have seen many of your very fine vintage horns, and have been tempted by more than 1 of the G.H. Hüller tenors that you have had for auction. You do have some some amazing vintage saxophones. They always appear to be in wonderful condition.

      I didn’t know that you also had a store outside of eBay. What I often do for dealers, is link the photos in my gallery, to the dealer’s website. I can easily do that for you. Would you like me to do that?

      Thank you for stopping by. I read, write, & speak German. So if you would like to write to me in German, please do so.



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