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Image courtesy of the Telegraph-Journal. Copyright 2004 Photo by Noel Chenier

If you’re looking for a FAQ page, I don’t have one. However, I have developed a page which might lead you to the answer you’re seeking. If you have a question you’d like to ask me, check out the Please Read This page. Thanks!

Welcome to the 6th incarnation of Bassic-Sax.ca – now Bassic-Sax.info . Home to one of the largest saxophone sites on the Net, all totalled, this site is nearly 30,000 pages!

Bassic Sax & Bassic Sax Blog updated in March

In March I revamped both this site and its related Bassic Sax Blog, and dropped the header images (the bass sax and the colour band across the top) that had been a staple on my site for the last 7 years. Although still present on my Bassic Sax Pix Gallery, not having them on this site and the Bassic Sax Blog allows for faster page loading.

I have also made other changes behind the scenes, which should allow for faster and smoother navigation on all devices.

At some point you might accidentally stumble upon pages from my old site because: 1. Yes, it still exists on the server, and 2. Yes, Google still refers people there as well. I still haven’t gotten my planned redirects done, and quite frankly it’s hard to imagine I ever will.

In addition to the information that already existed on my old site, I have added a great deal of new material to my website since the Summer of 2009. Bassic-sax.info currently—as of March 2017—has 332 published pages of material. Contained in all those pages are over 3,800 images!

Navigational aids

In order to help you navigate your way around this rather large site better, there are 2 things to make your travels easier:

  1. There are navigational breadcrumbs for you. You’ll find them just below the top navigation bar. They will appear as soon as you leave this Home Page.
  2. At the top right of screen you’ll also find a search button.

What you’ll find on the various sections of Bassic-sax.info

Since my love is vintage saxophones, they are very well represented on Bassic-sax.info. I have focused a lot on European saxes, and specifically, ones of German origin. I’ve opted to write about the brand names that are rather uncommon, and for which very little has previously been written in English.

Bassic Sax is the home for definitive info on brands such as: Hammerschmidt, Dörfler & Jörka, the Hohner President, Max Keilwerth, Akustik, Weltklang, and B&S AKA Blue Label—just to name some. More vintage brand histories are coming, as are the histories of the modern horns of B&S.

The Bassic Sax Blog—which some people have thought is a site unto itself—is really just a part of Bassic-Sax.info. As of March 19, 2017, there are 2.025 published posts, in 62 categories, with 408 tags.

The gallery portion of my site, Bassic Sax Pix, is a catalogue of images of some of the best—and/or the most interesting—saxophones ever built. (OK, some regular, everyday, normal ones have made their way in there as well.) As of March 19, 2017, Bassic Sax Pix is home to 26,391 images in 2726 categories, with lots more on the way.

No matter how you look at it, that’s a whole lotta’ sax all in one place! And I am far from finished. As you go look through this, the main portion of Bassic Sax, you’ll stumble across sections that I’m still in the process of working on.

I sincerely hope you enjoy Bassic Sax, and just as importantly, find it useful. If you have any questions, comments, or input, please feel free to send me an email. A link to my email is located at the top, right side and bottom of each page of the site.

Copyright info

All the images on this site are copyrighted! Individual images, audio and video clips, written texts, etc, may have their own copyright. The original creator of these works maintains any copyright. Use of any of the files on this site without prior permission of the copyright holder is strictly prohibited. If you feel that any content is in violation of copyright, please contact me.

For permission to use any of my personal images (those clearly watermarked with a copyright Bassic Sax), please send me a request. I am very generous with my permissions, and I rarely deny those who ask me politely if they can use my images.

Plans for 2017

  • For the coming year I will be finishing up the section on the modern horns of B&S. The Series 2006 – Medusa page is nearly complete, (done) and I have some updates for the Series 2001 page already. Then I will add a couple of pages on the Series 1000, which was the German-made intermediate model horn, as well as the foreign-made Series 500 and 600 student horns.
  • I’m currently working on Bassic Sax Pix. After taking nearly a year off from any updates, I’m working on a massive update to the Selmer galleries. (Done). Similar huge updates are planned for the Orsi and Pierret galleries (Pierret are nearly done), as well as many numerous other ones that have much smaller updates.
  • As for my Bassic Sax Blog, that will continue as before, with interesting and topical articles as time permits. Gone are the days when I can write daily articles. The level of work required to maintain a website of this size is incredible, so much of the time I used to be able to spend in the course of the morning researching and writing an article, is now spent on maintenance. That said, I will endeavour to do a bit better in 2017 and publish more articles per month if possible. (I’m trying, but so far that hasn’t really worked out so well. I am however, really pleased with the quality of the articles that I have managed to produce.)

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