Approximate Evaluation Of A Vintage Saxophone

Do you have a vintage saxophone that you would like an approximate evaluation for? I can help you with that.

If the thought of doing this on your own seems like too daunting a task, then I would gladly help you. This would be an especially valuable service for those who are considering selling their saxophone. 

My fees are much more affordable than you might think. I also charge in Cdn. dollars—which depending on the exchange rate, are usually between 20-30% less than the American $ or European €. 

What do you get for this approximate evaluation?

  • You get a very detailed report as a PDF document with links to similar horns showing what they recently sold for &/or what they are currently selling for through dealers. 
  • You will get my Excel worksheet (PDF available as well if requested) showing this data in greater detail
  • Included in the PDF report is also get a brief history of the make/model and/or a link to where you can read more about it. (Not all vintage horns have been written about so the information available available will be greatly varied.) 
  • Included in the report will be the approximate evaluation range for your horn.

Why is an exact value not possible?

  • I will not have seen your horn in person. Even the highest-quality, most complete set of photos potentially don’t show hidden damage that can affect a horn’s value.
  • Vintage saxophone values vary greatly, and are heavily dependent on finding the right buyer. At the end of the day a saxophone is worth exactly what the buyer and seller can agree upon. Another saxophone of the same make and model in the same condition may sell for more or less depending on that buyer on seller. That’s why a range is the best way to evaluate a horn.

What kind of information/photos are needed for an approximate evaluation of any vintage saxophone?

  • This article I wrote gives you all the directions you need in order for me to provide with an approximate evaluation of your horn.

Fees, process, & payment

  • My rates are simple: $50 Cdn. per hour. I will not overcharge you. Promise. Based on my experience, an evaluation can be done in about 1-2 hrs. 
  • I will do the work in the order it comes in. I will endeavor to get your request finished in a week. (Sometimes my performance or rehearsal schedule may interfere with that. If that’s the case, I will notify you.)
  • You pay me at the end when I have completed the work. I let you know how much it is, and you pay me via PayPal. Once I’m notified of payment by PayPal, I will send you my detailed reports. 
  • Minimum time billed is 1 hr. 

This is not the same as an insurance appraisal

  • I do not believe that this evaluation will be accepted by your insurance company for insurance purposes. You can check with your broker to be sure though BEFORE hiring me to do the work. 

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