Horn and mouthpiece concierge services

Are you looking for a particular vintage saxophone? How about a particular vintage mouthpiece for that perfect horn you already have? 

Nothing is more frustrating than looking for something and not knowing where to look—or finding out that perfect something just sold yesterday. Or maybe you’re not even at the looking-for-something-yet stage. Maybe you’re still trying to figure out what you should be looking for—or if you should be looking for anything at all. I can help with all of this.

I have been playing sax for more than 30 years—with more than 25 of those as a gigging player. All my horns are vintage, with some even falling into the antique category. The mouthpieces I use on these horns are almost all vintage all well. Yes, I know my way around vintage horns and mouthpieces. 

What exactly can I do for you?

  1. I can help you find the vintage sax of your dreams. How do I do this? By working with a wide network of dealers who I have a good relationship with.* If you say you are looking for sax X, I will put my feelers out through this network and see if anyone already has one in their inventory. If not, then I will get them to find one for you. 
  2. The exact same process goes for vintage mouthpieces. 

* At present this dealer network is in North America. I am looking to expand into Europe as well, and hope to do so by the end of 2020. 

Not sure what you want, or what might be the best choice?

This is arguably the most difficult stage a player can find him/herself in. I was exactly in the same boat when I was looking for a new-to-me low A baritone sax in 2018. I knew what my budget was, and I knew that I could not now—nor ever without selling off a some horns—buy my first choice horn. Before I ended up with the Couf Blackgold bari I have now, I had to do A LOT of research into A LOT of different brands. When the Couf arrived it confirmed that all my research had paid off. It was exactly what I was looking for given the type of band I play in; and the style of music I play these days. Despite the Couf not being my first choice, it is now my primary bari, and never do I feel like I settled

I regularly help my students and friends find great-playing & sounding vintage horns. I provide advice to them on mouthpiece options, and even assist them in finding great vintage pieces. I can do that for you as well. 

This is why before I help you find that perfect vintage mouthpiece or sax, I go through a series of questions with you via email. It helps me figure out who you are as a player. How much experience you have. And ultimately what kind of gear would be the best for you. 

How much does this cost?

  • It is a flat rate of $75 Cdn. 

What do you get for this?

  • You will get an email questionnaire to fill out. 
  • Once that questionnaire is returned, I will put the questions and your answers into the report I send you as a Word document. 
  • The report will also contain a listing of the various horns/mouthpieces that are available that meet your criteria. Links and/or photos (where available) and contact information of the dealer will be provided.
  • The dealer has agreed to hold the item in question for a reasonable period of time to give you time to inquire about it directly and purchase it if you so choose. It will not be sold out from under you. I only work with ethical dealers. However, you must contact the dealer within 48 hours of receiving my email report!

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