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Deception– An Abbotsford-based blues band that features 4 very diverse and talented musicians, who share a unique musical chemistry. Founded in the mid ’90s by guitarist Art Panchishin, Deception’s music spans the best of the 20th century blues archives, the work of influential blues performers, and the variety of styles that the time and the players brought to life.

bass saxophone, thumbnail image, yellow, black background Bass Sax Resources

Bass – a site for bass saxophonists and contains recordings, photographs, a forum, a chat room, and a page on the inventor of the saxophone, Adolphe Sax.

The Bass Sax Co-op – This Yahoo group is a bass sax co-operative. Over 300 players share ideas, tips, photos, and interesting information related to the largest “common” member of the saxophone family.

baritone sax, thumbnail image, green, black backgroundEducational Resources

Pete Thomas – One of the biggest resource sites for musicians, with over 200 pages of useful information, articles and tutorials – saxophone lessons, articles on composing, recording and jazz theory & improvisation.

Sax On The Web – Arguably the most comprehensive saxophone site on the Internet. Features a great number of articles, resources, and forums dealing with all things sax.

Sax Shed– Skip Spratt’s well known site containing lots of educational materials for your time in the shed.

Saxophone Fingering Chart– A comprehensive fingering chart that covers not only the basic fingerings, but also alternate, altissimo, quarter tone, thirds tremolo, and trill fingerings as well.

bass saxophone, thumbnail image, distorted, black backgroundForums

Sax On The Web– Harri Rautiainen’s famous SOTW forum: the acronym says it all. If you’re looking for information about anything saxophone related, chances it’s been talked about on Sax On The Web.

Woodwind Forum – Way more than a saxophone discussion forum. This is a great forum with lots of knowledgeable people discussing all things woodwind: including saxophones.

tenor saxophone, thumbnail image, multi-coloured sax, black background,Blogs

The Bassic Sax Blog – The blog portion of this website. What started out as a small side project to this website has become bigger than its parent! It is in the blog that you will find my almost daily articles about all things sax.

Bret Pimentel– Blog of Bret Pimentel, multi-woodwind performer & faculty member at Delta State University, Department of Music. Bret holds a Doctor of Musical Arts from the University of Georgia.

The Sax Gourmet Blog– The personal blog of saxophone designer Steve Goodson.

C Melody & C Soprano Saxophones – Alan Tucker’s blog, while heavy on C melody content, has lots of info on saxes in other pitches as well. All around just an interesting read.

Dave Kessler’s Music Blog– The personal blog of Dave Kessler, of Kessler & Sons Music in Las Vegas. Dave reviews musical instruments, and explores some of their features in his blog.

alto saxophone, thumbnail image, multi-coloured sax, black backgroundMisc. Sax Links

Stephen Howard Woodwind Instrument Repairs & Restorations – Stephen Howard’s online resource for advice, care, repair and maintenance for woodwind instruments.

The Sax Gourmet– Steve Goodson’s site contains a wealth of information including saxophone history, mouthpiece facing and altissimo fingering charts, vintage sax ads, serial number charts, as well extensive histories on the various brands of vintage horns. – A database of stolen saxophones.

Saxophone Mouthpiece Museum – This web site is intended as an educational and research tool for saxophone players in search of the “perfect sound”. – The first website dedicated to the world’s smallest saxophone.

The Sax.Info– A new compilation of saxophone make/model data with a focus on “What horn should I buy and why?”. Site is currently in progress & is Wiki’d. Participation is encouraged.

The Sax.Info Calendars– Pete Hales’s famous saxophone calendars. Formerly known as the saxpics and SOTW calendars.– The saxophone section of by Steve Sklar. The site is full of information on serial numbers, theory, resonators, different types of pads, and Steve’s repair & rebuilding options.

bass saxophone, thumbnail image, white, black backgroundPerformers

Andreas Kaling – German saxophonist & teacher. Andreas is a member of the bass saxophone quartet Deep Shrott, and the inventor of a revolutionary bass saxophone stand.

Randy Emerick Jazz/R&B Artist– Saxophonist & multi-woodwind performer & recording artist, Randy Emerick’s Personal Website.

Jay C. Easton– Dr. Easton’s amazing virtual museum that features fascinating old, and exciting new instruments of the amazing woodwind family, with information for composers, performers, students, and all types of music lovers.

Kristin Sevaldsen– Norwegian performer, composer, & producer Kristin Sevaldsen’s Personal Website.

bass saxophone, thumbnail image, distorted, black backgroundVintage Sax Repairs & Sales

World Wide Sax– For both repairs & sales of fine vintage saxes, Steve Stransky in Everett, Washington has a world wide reputation.

Vintage– Specializing in the finest professional quality and collectible saxophones.

… Ladwig’s Oldtime Saxophone– If I still lived in Germany, Uwe would be my “go to guy” for my vintage saxophone repairs. Uwe also has a small selection of vintage saxophones he sells. If you’re in Germany, check him out!

Stohrer Music – The former head woodwind repairman of Sam Ash Music’s flagship Times Square location. Yup… He’s got his own shop in North Carolina now where he repairs and sells saxophones and their accessories. His “speciality is high end, vintage and unusual saxophones done well for picky players.” (No wonder I like him so much.)

curved soprano sax, thumbnail, white sax, black backgroundVintage Sax Resources

The Martin Story – THE website for information about vintage Martin saxophones. – THE website for information about vintage King saxophones.

Holton Saxophone Serial Number Chart– Sax On The Web’s serial number chart for vintage Holton saxophones. Researched by Felix Jungschlaeger.

The Vintage Saxophone Gallery 2nd Edition – This is the new version launched in July ’08 after USA Horn bought the website from Pete Hales. This new edition is still heavily under construction.

The Most Complete J. Keilwerth Serial Chart Ever– This chart covers saxophones built by the J. Keilwerth company from 1925 through 2000. The chart is located on the German language equivalent of Sax On The Web. Saxwelt is an amazing resource, and if you can read German, you most likely already know about it.

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