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Bassic Sax Pix is a gallery that I have created to host the most interesting images from my blog, and my main site. It also contains many more photos of horns that I have gathered over time. Think of it as a catalog of images of some of the best—and/or the most interesting—saxophones ever built. It is a searchable resource which allows you to find the images you are looking for, quickly and easily.

Bassic Sax Pix uses 4images gallery software, which allows you to upload photos if you so choose. You can also download the images that you find there.


At this stage I have focused primarily on the more obscure brands and models. Over time as the site grows, my hope is that your contributions will also add some of the more common models and their variations. Also, if you’ve got rare horns, please add them too. If a brand or model category for your contribution doesn’t exist, please let me know and I will add what is needed.

And lastly, if you have any difficulties with the site, or if you would simply like to give some me some feedback, please send me an email. Or you can leave a comment on this page if you prefer.


Bassic Sax Pix — 12 Comments

    • Hi Theo. Thanks for this!

      I had seen this tenor a few days ago, but had lost track of it. I’m doing some volunteer work for a band I’m in, and I have just spent the last 2 weeks laid up with a back injury. My back injury is on the mend now, so I’m going to try and catch up on some comments and emails over the weekend while I’m out of town on a relaxing weekend staying with my 2 and 4-legged friends. ;)

      • Ah Helen, be careful with your back.
        My experience is that the asymmetric hold during saxophone playing is not favorable for back healing.
        Have a nice weekend.

  1. I bought a Selmer alto in Paris in 1959. One of the sons of Selmer actually sold me the horn. Would you have any idea whether I could get a good price for it?

    • Hi Larry. Welcome to my site.

      The short answer to your question is: Most likely, but it all depends on the condition.

      Check out this page of my website. It helps players figure out roughly the value of their vintage saxophones.

      If you have any questions once you’ve gone through the steps I outline on the Vintage Sax Valuations page, let me know, I’ll do my best to answer them.



  2. Hi. I am going to try again to send pics of my 1937 VKS Alto.
    I have sent one pic via your gmail acc’t. Let’s see if it works!

  3. Hi, as soon as I get back from this weekends gigs and can get on my pc, I can upload some pics of my 1937 VKS Alto if anyone is interested. It’s not mint but I love it and it was the first sax that I perchased. I think that the VKS is under rated and under valued.

    • Hi Steve, welcome to my site.

      That would be great. Thank you. If you want, you can send the pics to my gmail acc’t that’ll make life a lot easier for you.

      I completely agree with you. Kohlert saxophones are very under-rated, and some of the VKS horns are killer saxes. I’ve eyed a couple myself over the past year or so. I’m just trying to keep my G.A.S. under control though. :devil1:

  4. :bang: Hey Helen

    Those are sometimes forgotten if someone is locked up in the basement and plays every single instrument on his cd. He then becomes socially retarded and only cares about himself and the worst part is he loves his music, but in true reality it sucks.


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