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Welcome to the 7th incarnation of Bassic Sax—info & ca—home to one of the largest saxophone sites on the Net. This site started way back in 2001. Over the past 22 years it has grown to north of 50,000 pages—when counting the extensive photo galleries. New pages are added semi-regularly by either myself, or my partner in saxophone crime, Pete Hales. Yup, he's the man who created the original Saxpics site back in the 1990s.

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Short cut to the FAQs I get lots of emails, as well as comments posted to my Bassic Sax Blog, from people requesting information on horns they have. Sometimes they have had these saxophones a long...

Want Sax Info?

Ever since I started my Bassic-Sax website in 2001, I have been receiving emails and comments from people about saxophones. Sometimes the people who are emailing me are just sharing their stories, and are telling...


I have officially retired from teaching. However, I have updated this section to include all the teaching materials that I have developed over the years for my students. I will be adding more over the...

Student Resources

You will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print these student resources because these are all PDF documents. If you do not already have the Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can get it from...

Important articles that WILL help you

The source of our tone Read More "The source of our tone"

The 3 Aspects Of Tone Read More "The 3 Aspects Of Tone"

Pro Models Read More "Pro Models"

Vintage Or Modern? Read More "Vintage Or Modern?"

Buying On-Line Read More "Buying On-Line"

Vintage sax valuations Read More "Vintage sax valuations"

Mostly vintage, sax-shaped "things"

Wind Controllers   Read More "Wind Controllers"

Miscellaneous Materials   Read More "Miscellaneous Materials"

Harmonicas   Read More "Harmonicas"

Blow Accordions   Read More "Blow Accordions"

Famous saxophones from German-speaking regions

B&S (Post Reunification)   Read More "B&S (Post Reunification)"

B&S (Pre Reunification)   Read More "B&S (Pre Reunification)"

Max Keilwerth Read More "Max Keilwerth"

JK in Nauheim Read More "JK in Nauheim"

JK in Graslitz Read More "JK in Graslitz"

Hohner President Read More "Hohner President"

H. Couf Read More "H. Couf"

Dörfler & Jörka (D&J) Read More "Dörfler & Jörka (D&J)"


Do you like what you see? Please consider some money towards the costs of hosting & maintaining this site.   I have made the choice not to have advertising on Although this means it costs...


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If you’re looking for the bassic-sax blog, you’ve come to right place. Well almost the right place. It was all around easier to to keep the blog where it was, than to move it to...


Bassic Sax Pix is a gallery that I have created to host the most interesting images from my blog, and those from this site. It also contains many more photos of horns that I have gathered over...
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