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J’Élle Stainer Low A French Wrap Bass Saxophone

J’Élle Stainer Low A French Wrap Bass Saxophone

The J’Élle Stainer low A French Wrap bass is one of the company’s current production model bass saxophones, and can be found on their new website

J’Élle Stainer, low A French Wrap bass saxophone, South American saxophone, gold saxophone on black background, Jinbao
Source: J’Élle Stainer website Used With Permission

Here are the spec as provided by J’Élle Stainer:

Model (Part) Number: JBSF


Low A French Wrap
B♭Bass Saxophone

  • Manufactured [?]
  • Traditional design
  • Range from low A to high F#
  • Written Range: A3-F#6
  • Sounding: G1-E4
  • Ergonomic keywork
  • Brass body and bell
  • Lacquered & beautifully engraved
  • Plastic resin J’Elle Stainer mouthpiece
  • Brass ligature and cap
  • Playable with bass mouthpiece and reeds
  • Pisoni pads
  • Plastic resonators
  • Adjustable peg and fixed floor rest
  • SaxRax stand (optional)
  • Special J’Elle Stainer flight case
  • Final setup in USA or Italy
  • Assembled in Brazil


Special adaptation made by J’Elle Stainer of a unique low A mechanism and extended body and bell in a classical bass saxophone.


I am not sure why there is nothing written after “Manufactured”…. It seem like the copy editor missed this line. Presumably they were going to write something like: Manufactured by Jinbao, customized by J’Elle Stainer. Or perhaps: Manufactured in partnership with Jinbao. 

This low A French Wrap bass looks to me like a Jinbao-made, Selmer copy.

We know that J’Elle Stainer did have a partnership with Jinbao at one point back circa 2009, when they sold Jinbao-made low Bb basses carrying the J’Elle Stainer name

Below is a troika of photos for you to compare/compare 3 different basses. To me, they all look like the come from the Jinbao factory, and all look like variations on a theme. 

Presumably these low A French wrap basses start off with body tubes from Jinbao in Taiwan; get customized by J’Elle Stainer in Brazil; and then get their final set up in either USA or Italy depending on where they are going to be delivered to. 

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