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West German Toy Blow Accordion

West German Toy Blow Accordion

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This West German, toy blow accordion appeared on eBay in March 2017. I found its condition and simplicity quite lovely. According to the seller:

vintage toy saxophone

metal, plastic & wood

made in western germany [sic]

harmonica within [incorrect]

new in packaging

Like the Klingenthaler toy sax, this West German toy saxophone is in fact not a harmonica like the seller states. It is rather a blow accordion, and therefore is not a free reed instrument like harmonicas are. 

After West & East Germany reunified on October 3, 1990, products began losing their Made in West(ern) Germany designation. This means that this West German-made toy blow accordion was made 1990, or earlier.

The condition of this little West German toy blow accordion is what appealed to me immediately. Although it does have a minor dent in the red metal covering, the rest of the toy appears to be in excellent condition. It does in fact not appear to have been used. 

Unlike blow accordions that were build more as real musical instruments—like the Hohner Sax and the Organette—this red and white sax was clearly built as a toy. The bell and neck are made of white plastic, while the wooden and metal insides are clad in glossy, red metal jacket. 

Sadly there is no manufacturer or seller’s brand name on this little West German toy blow accordion.