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Student Resources

Student Resources

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You will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print these student resources because these are all PDF documents. If you do not already have the Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can get it from the Adobe site (it’s free, and easy to download). This is the direct link to the latest version of Adobe Reader. Or, if you prefer, Tracker Software Products offers their PDF-Exchange Viewer for free as well, as an alternative to the Adobe Reader. (I actually like it better.)

Beginning Students

Breathing Exercise

Counting Exercise

Embouchure Part 1

Embouchure Part 2

Hand & Finger Positions

Long Tones Exercise For Beginners

Practice Chart

Suggested Practice Routine

Tonguing Exercise

Advancing Students

Counting Exercise Pt. 2

Going Over the Break Pt. 1

Pivot On the Break Pt. 2


Suggested Practice Routine Revised

Pivot Around Middle C

Pivot Around Middle G  ( for clarinet)

The Basics of Music Theory

Key Signatures Pt. 1

Key Signatures Pt. 2

Time Signatures Pt. 1

Time Signatures Pt. 2

Note Values Pt. 1

Note Values Pt. 2

Note Values Pt. 3

Transposing Chart

Staff Paper