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Gebr. Alexander Mainz

Gebr. Alexander Mainz Alto

Serial #: 12264
Finish: Silver plated

This Dörfler & Jörka stencil sax has a G# triller and high F# key. This particular sax is the only D&J horn that I have seen that has these extra keys. The presence of the high F# key would indicate that this is a clone of JK’s Toneking, rather than a copy of The New King.


Make sure you check out the Gebr. Alexander Mainz gallery on Bassic Sax Pix. To date I have also managed to find a tenor sax bearing this stencil name. However it, like all the other D&J saxes that I have seen so far, is a clone of Keilwerth’s The New King. It lacks a high F# key, and also doesn’t have the G# triller.

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