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Dave Guardala Print Resources

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Dave Guardala Print Resources

Dave Guardala Model, Earth Tone Series Source: Dave Kessler

The following are print materials that were sent to me by an owner of a former music store in Oslo. Petter was a B&S dealer, and he shared these documents with me so that I could share them here with everyone. 

1992 Brochure: Cover

1992 brochure: Models

1994 brochure: cover

1994 Brochure: Reeds

1994 Brochure: Reed Comparison Chart

1994 Brochure: FatBoy® MPs

1994 Brochure: FatBoy® Price List

1994 Brochure: Alto & Soprano MPs

1994 Brochure: Tenor MPs

1994 Brochure: Bari MPs

1994 Brochure: MP Price List

1994 Brochure: Saxophone Price List

Thank you to Petter from Oslo for sending this to me, so that I can share it with everyone. 

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