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Super Saxophone

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When I first saw this Super Saxophone by Equus, I thought: Huh, a Sax-A-Boom knock-off. Then I filed it away thinking I would come across more over time. Wrong. Whatever this strange electronic, sax-shaped “thing” is, it is an oddity in the vintage toy world. 

When I went to put together this page, I looked for information on the company that is shown on the box: Equus. I Googled both spellings on the packaging—Super Saxophone and Super Saxofon—as well as included all the variations of Equus I could think of. In the end I came up with exactly nothing; zero; zip; nada. This thing is like a ghost. 

The seller offered us very little information about the Super Saxophone. This is how they described it:

–Brand new; never used
–Battery operated – batteries NOT included
–Not recommended for children under 3 years of age
–Strap included

You can press the keypad to play the 8 sax sounds plus rhythm with booming sound..
25 prerecorded melodies (25) in sax-sounds ~ Auto battery-off conserves battery-life

Based on the packaging, it appears to have been made for the Spanish-speaking market. 

Based on its overall appearance and features, it is either a knock-off of DSI Toys’ Sax-A-Boom, or vice versa. Unfortunately the photos are very poor, which makes it very difficult to read the print. I can’t make out any copyright or other dates. If I had to date it, I would guess it is circa 2000, like the Sax-A-Boom was. 

This is one of these oddities I would very much like to know more about. If you happen to come across this page because you own one, please get in touch with me. I would love to find out more about it, and get really good photos of one—if you are willing to share some.

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