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Hohner Brochure

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Hohner Brochure

In September, 2011 I picked up this rather interesting promotional brochure from Hohner, which extols the virtues of their President saxophones. On the back there is also a list of all the various accessories which could be purchased for the horns. Unfortunately there is no date of publication on this pamphlet; therefore we don’t know when it was printed.

What is fascinating is that the President saxophones that are illustrated in these pages have some unusual features. These are features that I have not seen in any of 700+ images that I have amassed to date for the Hohner Gallery in Bassic Sax Pix. These Gallery images so far represent horns between the serial numbers 24XX and 16XXX.

Furthermore, the alto and tenor Presidents illustrated in this brochure are lacking a very important characteristic found on most Hohner saxophones. I will go into details about the differences and similarities between the illustrated horns, and the Hohner Presidents that we commonly see, on the pages that follow. All in all, this is a fascinating brochure because it raises more questions than it answers.

The brochure came from an eBay dealer in Vancouver, BC. He was not a sax player, and I didn’t ask him where he got it from. He did have a few other brochures from obscure, vintage instruments as well, such as Hüttl brass winds.

Front Cover

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