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My Personal Bass Sax Story

My Personal Bass Sax Story

bass saxophone, Buescher bass sax, silver sax, vintage sax, antique sax, When I made the decision to get a vintage bass saxophone, I went into it with no idea how it would change my life. You don’t own a bass sax, it owns you. It has special needs, and you have to cater to the beastie if don’t want to have a weekly relationship with your repair tech.

If you’ve ever considered buying a vintage bass saxophone, the information in this portion of my site will give you an idea of what you’re getting yourself into, and what I learned through trial and error during the first year or so of playing/owning it.

The following is an excerpt from an e-mail I received from Paul Coats regarding the personal stories I relay about my first bass sax experiences:


The stories [you tell about your personal experiences] really show what I have told people who ask, “What is the most difficult thing about playing bass sax? embouchure? blowing? getting reeds?” And I answer, “Logistics–moving it around, getting it to and from performances, storage, fitting it in a car.” They think I am being a smart-ass with them, but your story shows this to perfection…


Included in this Personal Bass Sax Story section of Bassic Sax, you’ll find the following pages

Background & General Info

Why I Bought A Bass Where I Bought Mine A Day In New Orleans How I Got It Home
Transportation A New Case Bassic Maintenance  

Bass-specific Gear

Bassic Gear

Stand Harness Mouthpieces
M/P Info By Paul Coats Reeds    


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