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Blues Band

Two months after moving back to BC, I was out with a friend to a local coffee house. What I didn’t know before we got there was that the Gourmet Gallery hosted live music every Saturday. The night we were there, a blues band was performing. I was blown away by the guitar player. He was amazing!

During their set break I approached him and asked if I could talk with him. He said, “Sure, my name’s Art.” That was the beginning of great musical and personal friendships. Art Panchishin fronted Deception, and is the man whose guitar playing absolutely wowed me. I told him that I was really impressed with his guitar work, and that I was a sax player. I asked him if he would be interested in getting together sometime to see if we had any musical chemistry…

Wow! Did we ever! In total I spent nearly 10 years playing together with Art in his band. I can honestly say I have never shared as much musical chemistry with anyone as I did with Art. Sadly, as they say, all good things…

Deception is now just a memory, but I will always treasure the musical memories, and the lasting friendships that I now have, all because I took the chance and spoke to a blues guitar player who was among the best I had ever heard.

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Photo by M. Margison Digital effects by H. Kahlke © 2008


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