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Vintage J.K. Brochure

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Vintage J.K. Brochure

In the summer of 2012, I received a 23 page, Julius Keilwerth product brochure, and accompanying price list, from a fellow in Sri Lanka. He had received the materials from the Keilwerth company in the 1970s, and had hung onto these items all through the years. He felt that passing these things on to me, would now allow everyone with an Internet connection to view this interesting resource.

I hope you enjoy the following resource. Although there is no date of publication in the brochure itself, the price list is dated March 1979.

Front Cover

Page 1

Company History

Page 2

Special Finish Options

Page 3

Modell Student Alto & Tenor

Page 4

Modell Student Descriptions

Page 5

Modell Toneking Description And Alto & Tenor

Page 6

Modell Toneking Tenor

Page 7

Modell Toneking Low Bb & A Baris

Page 8

Modell Toneking Bass And Description

Page 9

Modell Toneking Special Alto & Tenor

Page 10

Modell Toneking Special Description

Page 11

Internationally Known Keilwerth Artists P. 1

Page 12

Internationally known Keilwerth Artists P. 2

Page 13

Super De Luxe 2000 Trumpets in Bb & C

Page 14

Super De Luxe 2000 Flugelhorn & Model Descriptions

Page 15

De Luxe 2000 Trumpet & Coronet

Page 16

De Luxe 2000 Model Descriptions

Page 17

Toneking Trumpets in Bb & Bb/C

Page 18

Toneking Trumpet Descriptions

Page 19

Super De Luxe 2000 R & Super De Luxe Trombones

Page 20

Super De Luxe 2000 Valve Trombone & Trombone Model Descriptions

Page 21

Clarinets & Flutes

Page 22

Clarinet & Flute Descriptions

Back Cover

Sax Prices

In 1979 DM

Other Prices

In 1979 DM


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