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Buescher True Tone Bass Saxophone

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Buescher True Tone Bass Saxophone

bass saxophone, Buescher, vintage, silver plated, red cloth

This is of course the horn that started it all. If I hadn’t been the first to see the SOTW Market Place ad that Paul Coats placed in 2000, I would never have ended up with this bad boy. This seemingly innocent inquiry about buying a horn, that I sent to Paul over 20 years ago now, sent me down the rabbit hole of bass saxophone land. 

The early history of this purchase is well documented on this very site, and was of course the very reason the original was created. Over the years much has changed and grown on this site—and so too has my taste in bass saxophones. When an opportunity to own a closet Couf Superba I bass came up, I decided that it was indeed time to part with my friend of over 20 years. 

A young player from the interior of this province was interested in buying my vintage Buescher bass, so I adjusted the price to make it happen. Yes, I could have sold the horn for more. However, selling it to someone who could come and pick up the horn in person, saved me the worry of shipping damage. 

In spring 2021, after 20½ years, I transferred stewardship of this old timer to a new owner. Buescher True Tone bass saxophone #80XXX, with its custom purple case, and stand made by Paul Coats, went to live in the Okanogan. 

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