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Conn has the distinction of having built the first American-made saxophone. This occurred in 1888, and was a horn designed by Eduard A. Lefébre.¹ A few decades and a number of models later, Conn was Buescher’s chief rival during the sax-crazed 1920s.

The Conn company has a rich history, and produced some of best, and most unique American saxophones ever made. The Conn-O-Sax, and the F Mezzo Soprano are 2 examples of company’s ability to think outside the box. Among vintage bass saxophonists, the 14M is the most desirable horn—being the only vintage bass that is keyed to high F.

To see some examples of fine vintage Conn saxophones, check out the Conn Gallery in Bassic Sax Pix.


¹ From The Sax & Brass Book: saxophones, trumpets and trombones in jazz, rock and pop  Published by Balafon Books, 1998. p. 100.

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