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Orsi Bass Saxophones – p.2 Orsi stencil basses

Orsi Bass Saxophones – p.2 Orsi stencil basses

In addition to making bass saxophones under their own name, Orsi also made them for other companies as stencil horns. These Orsi stencil bass saxophones are so far the only ones I have come across. No doubt there were many, many more that Orsi made over the years. My hope is that over time I will be able to add some more to this list. 

Please refer to the main Orsi Bass Saxophone page for a fully discussion of the the company’s bass saxophone models, as well as a chart that shows all the various makes and serials that I have found over the years. 

Orsi-stencilled Martelle bass sax # 2037

Model: 119 Improved

I wish the seller had provided better/more photos of this interesting Orsi bass saxophone. Its features appear to be consistent with the 119 Improved model bass saxophone from the vintage catalogue. 

To date it is the only 119 Improved model bass I have seen.

Orsi-stencilled Metro bass sax # A4149

Model: ?

This poor beater of a bass appears to pre-date the undated vintage Orsi catalogue I was sent. However, its features are generally consistent with other older Orsi saxophones that occasionally pop up on eBay and the likes. 

To me this horn has always reminded me of the Conn New Wonder series. (The nail file G# will do that I think.) I have never been able to figure out why there are so many brass plugs that have been soldered into place. It’s almost like this horn had a run-in with a sadist. 

Whatever its story, this old-timer is likely not as old as it appears, and by the looks of it, has had a lot of use. That said, to date it is the oldest Orsi bass sax that I have seen. (All 60+ images of this horn are available on Bassic Sax Pix.)

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