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Avril Toy Sax

Avril toy sax, plastic toy sax, yellow toy saxophone with 4 color keys, vintage plastic musical toy in original packaging
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This Avril toy sax, like the Antonelli, is made in Italy. Although I didn’t know it when I first spotted this 4-keyed yellow plastic model, also like the Antonelli, this Avril toy sax is made by Bontempi. (See my description of current Bontempi toy saxes on the Antonelli page.)

This plastic musical instrument was being sold as new old stock, and its original packaging shows us that it is model SX3942. 

As I was researching the Avril brand of vintage toy musical instruments, I happened across yet another plastic Avril toy sax. However, this one had 8 keys, and was silver coloured. The original box was printed: “Avril, a brand of BONTEMPI INDUSTRIES.” In other words, Bontempi likely bought up Antonelli and Avril. Or they just liked to have different names for different, what, toy saxophones? (Sounds a lot like the history of of B&S post Germany’s reunification, but I digress…)

The seller stated the toy sax came from the 1990s, but further research indicated that SX4331 is, at least in November 2021, still available through a number of aftermarket dealers as new old stock. 

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