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Foil Wrapped Blow Accordion

Foil Wrapped Blow Accordion

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This vintage foil wrapped blow accordion—sans its mouthpiece—appeared on eBay in the summer of 2014. The seller didn’t know much about it, but speculated that it might come from the former East Germany. The seller compared it to another East German sax-shaped “thing” that I have on my site: this Klingenthaler Toy Sax.

However, unlike that toy sax, which is made of plastic, this foil wrapped blow accordion is made of metal. The seller gave the dimensions as follows: length 16″ (41 cm), diameter horn 3 1/4″ (8.5 cm).

Sadly the mouthpiece was not the only thing that this horn was missing. This particular instrument was built as an 8 key version. It does not have the 2 bass keys we see on some blow accordions. Unfortunately one of its keys has been lost during this horn’s lifetime, making it more a curiosity than anything playable.

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