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Soviet Era Toy Sax

Soviet Era Toy Sax

Soviet era toy sax, saxophone-shaped toy, gold plastic saxophone-shaped toy, white mouthpiece, made in the USSR, vintage toy musical instrument
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This little USSR-made oddity found its way onto eBay in early 2022. This Soviet era toy sax is pre-1991, since it was on December 25, 1991, that the Soviet flag flew over the Kremlin for the last time. Therefore, given that the original packaging is stamped “Made in USSR”, it is a safe bet that this little sax-shaped “thing” came from one of the 15 former Soviet republics. 

Like the little Klingenthaler Toy Sax and the West German Toy Blow Accordion in this section of my website, this Soviet era toy sax still has its original packaging. Looking at this toy sax from the USSR however, it does look more like the American free reed instruments of post-WWII, than the European-made blow accordions.1

The seller provided us with no clues to the history of this Soviet era toy sax, All they offered up was:

Vintage Soviet Toy Saxophone Musical Instrument Original Box Toy USSR
Good condition!!!

1 Blow accordions are what we commonly see from from Europe in both toy and real musical instrument form. Free reed instruments too were made in toy and real instrument form. Many free reed toys are American in origin. 

Whereas the Klingenthaler Toy Sax and the West German Toy Blow Accordion are toy versions melodicas, the free reed instruments are like harmonicas