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I happened to come across this Hammerschmidt-stencilled Genton on eBay. The eBay dealer had it in his store for close to a year before it finally sold. I found his description of the sax quite interesting. Since I don’t have my alto restored, I can’t comment on the accuracy of the tonal description of the horn. Nonetheless, this is a colourful insight into a Hammerschmidt alto sax:

Hammerschmidt, Germany Professional Alto Saxophone, Rolled Tone Holes, REAL Pearl Buttons, Inlaid Pearl or Shell G# key, Bell Engraved with Genton, Overhauled by the Selmer Authorized Dealer, Superb Playing Condition, s/n 06xx. This is one of the best values in professional saxophones today; the relatively unknown Hammerschmidt, Germany saxophones are almost a combination of Kohlert and Keilwerth properties. If you have never played a Hammerschmidt, this horn will change your mind, about saxophones…

This horn has the dark tone of the Kohlerts, and the fliud playability that is associated with Keilwerths. Kohlert often used a ‘flame’ design on the neck of their horns, and the octave key on this horn resembles that Kohlert ’57’s and Winnenden’s. The horn has a vintage patina, and it is a bebop monster!

Update for 6/27/08! Today I playtested this horn with a Brilhart Tonalin 3 and a La Voz Medium reed, and this set-up will take you to BeBop Nirvana! The Brilhart mouthpiece and the La Voz reed produce a HUGE sound, and the tone is totally 1950s…


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