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Embassy Alto

Serial #: 2286

Finish: Lacquer with nickel plated keys

This alto was the first Embassy model Pierret that I’ve seen. (I’ve since documented more in Bassic Sax Pix.)  It bears a striking resemblance to the saxophones that Pierret stencilled for the F.E. Olds & Sons company. Specifically, it looks a lot like both the Olds Parisian, and the Ambassador models. The mother of pearl on the left thumb rest, gives it a slightly stronger resemblance to these, than to the less expense Parisian Ambassador.

Although at this point this is pure speculation, it is possible that the Embassy model was made concurrently by Pierret while they stencilled the Olds saxophones.


Be sure to check the Pierret Gallery on Bassic Sax Pix. Any new Embassy photos I come across while be uploaded to there.

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