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Hohner – President

The dream of the most pampered saxophone virtuosos is finally fulfilled. Hohner President combines all those qualities, which give an outstanding artist’s instrument its special character:

Comfortable key touches in all locations. [Follow red lines.]

A master-instrument, made by master craftsmen.

Please convince yourself personally! At a specialty shop, ask only for a Hohner President!


Easy response

Full, soft tone

Surprisingly comfortable key lay out

Perfect construction and chosen materials

Absolutely airtight ges.gesch. connecting socket between body and neck

Drawn and rolled tone holes, which prevent their separation from the body tube, and damage to the pads

Pads with metal rings and moisture retardant

Keyed from high F to low Bb

C/D trill key

Automatic octave key

Comfortable grip sections for the left and right hands

Light binding between low C# – B, and Bb to G#

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