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The B&S Saxophones From 1999

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The B&S Saxophones From 1999

B&S logo, B&S saxophones, VMIIn 2017, I received an email from a fellow in Oslo, Norway. Petter used to own a music store and had been a VMI/B&S dealer. While sorting through his attic he happened across a dealer prospectus and brochure for the Medusa saxophones.

Then in 2020, he contacted me again letting me know he happened to find a number of other B&S materials. He was kind enough to once again send them my way. If you look at the Codera, Guardala, and 2001 sections of this VMI section you will find the additional materials Petter sent me. The dates of these printed materials range from 1992-1998. 

Additionally, Petter also found this brochure from 1999, which illustrates all the models that B&S was making at the time.

Regardless if you already own a B&S horn and are looking for more info on it, or if you are merely doing research on a used sax you are considering, we all owe our sax-friendly colleague in Oslo a serious “Thank You”, for generously sending all this information to me. The fact that I got it, meant that it could be shared with the sax-playing world.

Thank you Petter! Your generosity is greatly appreciated.


Company History of Tradition & Innovation

Series 500 – Student Line

Series 1000 – Classic Line (Intermediate)

Series 2001 – Professional Line

Series Codera – The Future

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