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Soprano Set-ups

Soprano Set-ups

Selmer Mark VI

Selmer Mark VI, soprano sax, gold lacquered, red cloth,

Horn Specs:

    • Keyed to high F#
  • Serial #: 266XXX
  • Finish: Lacquer

Set Up:

  • M/P: Runyon Custom 7 (with/without spoiler)
  • Ligature: Stock Runyon
  • Reed: Fibracell 2½

Conn 2M – New Wonder Series II C soprano

c pitched soprano sax, Conn New Wonder, gold lacquer sax on red background

Horn Specs:

  • Key to high Eb
  • (Re)lacquered – likely done at the factory. It is a very old job.
  • Serial #: 176XXX
  • Rolled tone holes

Set up:

  • M/P: Conn Eagle C soprano MP
  • Lig: Rovner dark
  • Reeds: Légère Signature Series soprano 3

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