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Weltklang Folder: 1980

Weltklang logo, VEB Blechblas- und Signal-Instrumenten-Fabrik, B&SIn 2020, a fellow from Oslo, Norway sent me the following folder which contained colour, pull-out sheets of the saxophones and brass winds that Weltklang was producing in 1980. 

Petter had owned a music store in Oslo for years, and when he closed it down a number of things ended up in his attic. While cleaning out his attic a decade or more later, he decided that he would offer his B&S materials to me. 

The post-reunification materials can all be found listed on on the VMI page of my site. So far these are the only VEB materials that he has sent. Fingers crossed that perhaps he might one day still stumble across a B&S folder, brochure, or pamphlet as well. 

On behalf of everyone who will eventually use these pages to research their horns,”Thank You” Petter for choosing to share these materials with me. Your generosity is greatly appreciated!

Covers (outside)

Covers (inside) Contains a guide to the finish & model codes used throughout

Alto 231 & Tenor 241

Alto 232 & Tenor 242

Bari 252,  Bb Trumpet 5 & Eb Trumpet 9 (both with rotary valves)

Soprano 262 & Bb Flugelhorn 17 (with rotary valves)

Eb Alto horn 22 & Bb Tenor horn 32 ( with rotary valves)

Eb Mellophone 23 & Bb Baritone horns 46 (with rotary valves)

Bb Valve Trombone 60 (with rotary valves),  Bb Slide Trombone 54 & Bb French Horn 72

F/Eb French Horn 70 & Eb Tuba 92 (with rotary valves)

Bb Trumpet 134, Bb Trumpet 135 (wide bore) & Bb Coronet 141, Bb Flugelhorn 144

C Trumpet 127, Bb Trumpet 133 & Eb Alto Horn 150

Bb Valve Trombone 178 & Bb Tenor Horn 160

F/Eb French Horn 180 (with piston valves) & Bb Baritone Horn 170 

Bb Tuba 200 & F Tuba 94 (with rotary valves)

Bb Sousaphone 222 & Bb Tuba103 (with rotary valves)

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