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Like their plastic counterparts, metal Saxophone-Shaped Things run the range from children’s toys to real musical instruments. This section of my site is dedicated to the sax-shaped objects made of metal which were either built to entertain the masses, or individual adults and/or children.

Metal Instruments With Keys

Couesnophone AKA Goofus

Metal Instruments With Valves

DEG “Classic” Sax-Shaped TrumpetDEG "Classic" sax-shaped trumpet, 1980s, Getzen, JazzophoneToneking 3000saxophone shaped trumpet made by julius keilwerth model toneking 3000

Metal Instruments With Tone Holes

Conn Clar-O-SaxCouesnon SaxieCouesnon, Saxie, vintage, saxophone-shaped, musical instrumentSaxie-like Instrument

Metal Toys With Valves

4 Valve SaxophoneDelinot 4 & 8 Valve SaxesFrench 4 Valve Toy Sax
French Horn Inspired Toy SaxToy Sax With Valves

Metal Toys With No Keys, Valves, Or Tone Holes

British KazooCalura JazzophonDistler Tin Whistle
German KazooGerman kazoo, tin instrument, saxophone-shaped kazoo, sax-shaped tin toyGerman Tri-Coloured Tin ToyKazoo
LuxophonLuxophone, vintage, German, saxophone-shaped, musical toy, tinRed British Toy Saxvintage metal toy sax made in BritainSaxoSaxo, saxophone-shaped Kazoo, Made In Argentina, green metal toy
SirenephoneWorld’s Fair ToysVocal Jazz Sax
Sonophone SaxophoneHaschuphonHaschuphon, vintage German tin toy, saxophone-shaped, vintage noisemaker

Metal Wind-up Saxophones

Q.R.S. Playasax
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