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Blue Plastic Toy Sax & Clarinet

Blue Plastic Toy Sax & Clarinet

blue & white plastic sax and clarinet, colored keys, vintage musical toys,
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These presumably, somewhat vintage toys caught my eye because they look a bit like blow accordions. No word on what they really are though, since the seller provided absolutely nothing of value to their description. 

No word on how old they are. Where they were made. Or for that matter, who the manufacturer might be. It is interesting that the designers at least looked at photos of real saxophones, since the toy sax has key guards that were inspired by the wire key guards of horns pre the sheet metal era.

Today this vintage toy sax and clarinet are more of a curiosity, but in future years might be something that someone interested in expanding their toy sax collection could be interested in. At this point however, I give them a solid 2.5 out of 5—and that’s only because they appear to be in such exceptional condition.

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