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Blow Accordions

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According to the former website Musica Viva—that sadly went offline and is also not available through Internet Archives— saxophone-shaped blow accordions were a step-up, or fancier version of the simple design that was the most common.

These blow accordions were early variations of melodicas. However, rather than using a piano-style keyboard, these blow accordions used keys similar to a button accordion.

Most commonly blow accordions had 10 keys with 2 bass/chord buttons, but other variations can be found as well. Variations included instruments with more or less buttons. Those with more buttons had 2 rows of keys.

According to Musica Viva, the most important differences between the modern melodica and these vintage blow accordions, was that the vintage version had a double action—producing notes when air was drawn both in and out—and that it had bass/chord buttons, like a melodeon.

I have a number of different blow accordions in my gallery. Various manufacturers throughout Europe made them during the first half of the 20th century.

wooden blow accordion, 4 key blow accordion, vintage wooden musical instrument4 Key Wooden Blow Accordion 8 key wooden blow accordions, Czech blow accordions, vintage wooden musical instruments8 Key Czech Wooden Blow Accordions 8 key wooden blow accordion, vintage wooden musical instrument8 Key Wooden Blow Accordion Jazzy Sax, Ferry and Company Chicago U.S.A., blow accordion, Ands. Koch SaxaphoneAnds. Koch Saxaphone
Czech tin sax, blow accordion, vintage toy musical instrumentCzech Tin Sax wooden saxophone-shaped toy, vintage, Czechoslovakian, blow accordionCzech Wooden Saxello Deposee Sax, vintage French blow accordionDeposee Sax Right SideEast German Blow Accordion
Front View 1Foil Wrapped Blow Accordion Left SideGerman US Zone Blow Accordion Haro Toy Sax, blow accordions, vintage Czech musical toy instrumentHaro Sax vintage blow accordion, metal toy saxophone, No Name Metal Sax
vintage, blow accordion, musical instrument, EuropeanNo Name Tin Sax German blow accordion, Orchestra Saxophone, vintage, pre-WWIIOrchestra Saxophone Hohner Organette, vintage German blow accordionOrganette The Hohner Sax, Saxonette, vintage German blow accordionSaxonette
Front-Angle-ViewThe Melody Saxophone vintage, wooden, musical instrument, saxophone-shapedWooden German Sax Japanese-made vintage Yedo blow accordianYedo