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Julius Keilwerth

Julius Keilwerth

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The  name Julius Keilwerth is synonymous with some of the finest European saxophones of the 20th century. This section of my site is an exploration of some of the key points, in the history of JK. It will look at how it evolved, and what the famous horns and their features were, that started this German company down the road to saxophone fame.

Like all Graslitz-based companies, they were part of the nationalization that happened after WWII. Julius, like a number of other saxophone manufacturers, was undeterred, and once he relocated to Nauheim, West Germany, started up his business again. Therefore, I have chosen to break the Julius Keilwerth portion of my site into 3 distinct sections:

The Graslitz Years

The Nauheim Years

Amati-built J.K. Horns

Eventually I will get around to writing all of the above-noted sections, as well as a section on the seemingly, regularly-changing, modern Keilwerth company. As the pages are populated with content, the links will become active.

Thanks for your patience. As you can imagine, this is a rather large undertaking.