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Volvo. 1987, 740 GLE wagon, bass saxophone, Helen Kahlke, snow, pine tree
1987 740 GLE Series. Photo by M. Margison. 2001

After the trip home from the Bangor airport, it became rather apparent that I couldn’t travel with the bass sax in my sedan. Transportation of the bass was really going to be an issue.

This picture on the right, is of my first “bass mobile”. My mechanic and I traded cars: I gave him my Volvo sedan and he gave me his Volvo wagon. At least this way I could get my bass in and out of the car all by myself.

Because I sold this car before leaving New Brunswick, I had to replace it with another wagon when I moved back to the West Coast. (See below)

1991 240 Volvo wagon,
1991 240 Series. Photo by M. Margison. 2006

Although it appears that I have a thing for gold Volvo wagons, I assure you it is a purely coincidence. While I am a Volvo driver, and have been one for over 20 years, the gold colour of this second “bass mobile” is purely a fluke. This wagon was just the best of the best, that my friend Marie had when I went to her lot to pick one out. (I am a sucker for the 200 series.) And yes, this car is still as minty as it appears. I finally got around to putting a Collector plate on it in 2020.

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