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British Kazoo

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When I first saw this instrument on eBay in April 2015, I didn’t figure out it was likely the same as the red, toy sax from Britain I already had listed under this category. It was only after I created this page that I remembered I had seen something similar. At this point I am assuming that the toy sax from Britain I previously showed, and this one, indeed came from the same manufacturer. 

In trying to find out more about this vintage, little saxophone-shaped, British kazoo, I did a bunch of Internet searches. Unfortunately, I could not really turn up anything of interest. The only thing that I did come across was this Antique Price Guide Details Page, which shows 1 photo of the same toy with white paint, but not nearly in as nice a condition. 

The seller of this particular sax-shaped British Kazoo, described it as follows:

This is a really nice example , made from tin , 20cm long with ” British Made ” stamped on it…..I believe it is from the 1930`s ..

It works perfectly …..

I am not sure if the 1930s date is accurate or not, but it definitely has that 30s & 40s era vibe to it. 

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