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Toy Sax From Britain

Toy Sax From Britain

vintage metal toy sax made in Britain
Source: Antique-Advertising-Novelty-Tins

This little saxophone-shaped toy is very old, and most likely would lower the IQ of any child who licked the paint… Although why all those children who played with lead-based, paint covered toys ever grew up to be adults with any intelligence is beyond me, and certainly beyond the scope of my website… But I digress… 😉

According to the seller, this toy sax was made in Britain, and is 192mm long—that’s 7.5 inches for those of us who are still working with the Imperial system of measurements. Unfortunately the little toy no longer works (it looks like the mouthpiece is missing), and it has some overall wear.

Nonetheless, this little toy sax is an interesting pictorial representation of yet another saxophone-shaped toy that was manufactured in Europe.

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