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Wind Controllers

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Wind Controllers

minifun1Wind controllers, sometimes called wind synthesizers or a wind synth, have become a staple in the arsenal of many a saxophone player. Thanks to early converts such as Tom Scott and David Sanborn, as well as players like Michael Brecker, wind controllers have enjoyed a steady popularity in many styles of popular music.

When the first wind controller was produced in the early 1970s, MIDI (musical instrument digital interface) was not even on the radar screen yet. The world was still an analog one, and the wind controllers of the day were no exception. As the years and technology progressed, so did wind controllers. The result? Today’s sophisticated Yamaha YX5, Akai’s EWI, and the radically different Eigenharp by John Lambert.

This section of my site focuses on the more vintage wind controllers, and their contribution to the electronic musical landscape.

Wind Controllers

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Casio Digital HornLyricon
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